Scam Alert: Beware of Online Banking Phishing Email

When In Manila always be vigilant whenever you access anything online. As Internet is omnipresent, no doubt this is one niche that bad elements always thrive into. In other words, think before you click. Most importantly if what at stake is your life savings investment. By now, we should always put in mind never to click any online links sent to us unless we verify that they are legit and not just phishing scams. Bank online services are put up to for our greater convenience but bear in mind that they cannot control each and everyone for any drawbacks that will occur. This type of scams will always be there trying to look out for new victims like unsuspecting customers.




BPI Express online users watch out! How do this phishing scam works?  BPI Express online users will be sent an advisory (otherwise known as phishing email) that mimics the bank’s express alert notification. It apparently informs the specific user that the BPI online banking has been upgraded and leads the user to click on a certain link. This link, once clicked will direct the user to a bogus or spoofed site that will ask for credit card information, passwords, account numbers and the like. Do not fall into this kind of trap.



 Here is one example of a phishing email scam sent to customers:


Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that bank’s name  has detected an error while login on to your account. As a result of multiple login attempt. We recently contacted you after noticing an issue on your account.


Confirm your bank’s name  Account now to enjoy the benefits of online banking and finance and to avoid fraudulent activities on your account.


To initiate the verification process: Kindly (CLICK HERE TO PROCEED)


Important Notices: Our Security Department, Therefore ensure a security measure against Unauthorized attempt. Enjoy Your online banking Guide.


Thank you for your patience.

Bank’s name

Customer Service

———————————(END OF SAMPLE)———————————

Here are a few quick tips to avoid getting victimized by scams like this:

  • Check and verify site secure connection.
  • Bear in mind that ATM Pins are not to be asked online; if they need it to upgrade your info it’s much better and safer if you come personally to the bank. Nevertheless, if you have provided your bank before, there’s no absolute way they would ask you this online.
  • Most likely, this email goes into your SPAM folder, so the higher the chances that it’s one gunk mail.
  • Last but not the least, it never hurts to ask! Verify with your bank  if this is legit or not. Do not be lazy and click thinking it’s just another survey or upgrade and all.
You never know, your own bank service provider will become the next bait. Be wary of those emails, be alert and witty guys! Better be safe than to be sorry When In Manila!


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