Savoy Bistro serves Haute Cuisine in Makati


“Haute Cuisine” or high class cooking with recipes from the 17th century is now being served at Savoy Bistro located in the heart of Makati.



Savoy Bistro is inspired by the early European Cuisines from France, Switzerland, Savoie, Sweden, Russia and Hungary. Recipes originating from chefs who worked with the Royal families all over Europe as early as 1837 makes Savoy Bistro a dining experience like no other.



Even from the outside, Savoy Bistro’s ambiance is tasteful and sophisticated.




Once inside, a collection of beautiful furniture and paintings welcome you. Take note, those are for sale. Feel free to ask the servers about any piece that catches your eye.




After touring the place, we finally settled on that small table at the corner, which was more private and intimate. (The second floor is a gallery of art pieces, by the way).



By this time, Savoy Bistro’s Chef Robert Lilja – caretaker of the “haute cuisine,” asked us to fasten our seatbelts as we go on a culinary journey. *excited mode*



Our first complimentary appetizer was canapes with cherry tomatoes, Japanese mayo and Swedish caviar on a black pumpernickel (rye) bread. 



Next, we had black pumpernickel breads with salami and red beets. Both complimentary appetizers were delish! Don’t we just love restaurants that serve the best complimentary amuse-bouches?


Mussels & Co. (Single – Php 270; Sharing Php 520)

Black Australian mussels in white wine  and cream sauce, served with Savoy Bistro’s own sour dough multi-grain bread


This is Savoy Bistro’s best-selling appetizer. I loved how big, tasty and meaty the mussels were. The sauce was also very flavorful, I had to stop myself from drinking it. And the bread – Savoy Bistro’s freshly baked bread was crunchy on the outside and chewy inside, perfect for sauce dipping. Oohlala so good!


Appetizer Sampler Platter

Gravlav Salmon with red beets, fresh roes, sour cream and dill mustard sauce,

Savoy Bistro’s shrimp cocktail with dill creme fraiche and sour dough toast,

and Jamon Serrano


Savoy Bistro is certainly providing their customers full satisfaction. They make sure that everything was made the old way. Everything was made from scratch here in Savoy Bistro – marinated and smoked their own salmon, baked their own bread, and even dry-cured their own jamon serrano, which was lusciously sweet, nutty, and not too salty. 


Savoy Bistro’s Cheese Fondue (Php 880)

Raclette, gruyere and emmental cheese with Jamon Serrano, olives, pickles and toasted sour-dough multi-grain bread


This was l-♥-v-e!!! The last time I had a really good cheese fondue was at a bridal shower where a friend made this super good fondue. I thought nothing can beat that until I tried Savoy Bistro’s.



I was so happy because in addition to Savoy Bistro’s sour-dough bread, our cheese fondue also came with the best partners – dill pickles, sundried tomatoes, olives and Savoy Bistro’s excellent Jamona Serrano


Pate Platter

chicken liver pate, red beets, sweet and crispy jamon serrano with salty sundried tomatoes, pork liver pate with walnuts inside and fruity cumberland sauce on top


The liver pates were wonderful, especially the pork liver pate with walnuts. But my personal pick was the crispy jamon serrano – how I wish I can buy this anywhere. We enjoyed Savoy Bistro’s cheese fondue and pate platter so much that we had it for more than an hour or so. Time flies by so fast with good food and great company 🙂 



After enjoying a glass of sauvignon blanc, we had another house wine (Monkey Bay Merlot) to drink with our main courses – steaks!


Pepper Steak Madagascar (Php 890)

US Angus beef tenderloin with pepper sauce Madagascar flambe, dauphinoice potato, red beets and asparagus.



Each slice of tender meat had a generous serving of coarsely crushed peppercorns. The peppery taste might come too strong to others but we liked it 🙂


Steak Walewska

US Angus tenderloin steak with dauphinoice potato and bearnaise sauce topped with asparagus and shrimp



Skip the gravy! Having been made from a reduction of butter, vinegar, and wine mixed with tarragon, shallots and thickened egg yolk, Savoy Bistro’s classic French sauce was definitely the perfect accompaniment to a juicy steak – even to seafood and veggies. Yum!


Creme Brulee (Php 280)


Savoy Bistro’s creme brulee was blissful! Soft and creamy, even the thin crystallized sugar layer on top was perfect. This would probably be the best creme brulee we’ve had. 


Delmonico’s baked cheese cake (Php 280)


What a great find – Savoy Bistro serves a slightly sweet cheesecake from a 1735 New York recipe! Moreover, it was topped with lingonberries, which was surprisingly good – tasted a bit like cranberries. 


Grand Marnier chocolate mousse and passion fruit meringue (Php 260)


This was my personal favorite among the three amazingly good Savoy Bistro desserts. The crunchy passion fruit seeds and nectarous sauce was delectable with the meringue; and, the chocolate mousse was just lovely – I finished it and wished I had more.



WHEN IN MANILA and looking for a unique French dining experience, make sure you book a table at Savoy Bistro. For parties of less than 8 guests, you may reserve Savoy Bistro’s private dining room.



Located in Savoy Bistro’s private dining area is a wide selection of quality wines, predominantly from France. Also, Savoy Bistro offfers “top of the line” tasting menus, which should be ordered one day in advance. Don’t hesitate to make that call and let Chef Robert and his crew dazzle you with an appetizing adventure.




Savoy Bistro is in The East Asian Art Gallery located next to Howzat Sports Bar

8479 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City


Try Savoy Bistro today. For reservations, please call: 896-5667 /


Website: Savoy Bistro 


Open Daily:

Lunch: 11:30 – 2:30

Dinner: 6:00 – 10:00


Check their menu: Savoy Bistro Menu


WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


Savoy Bistro serves Haute Cuisine in Makati


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