Save Laguna Pit Bulls: Volunteer. Be a dog’s hero.

When in Manila, if you’ve been wanting to de-stress from the hustling and boisterous urban life, treat yourself for a soul satisfying activity at Villa Escudero.  You’ll be delighted of such intimate and relaxing moments with nature and the chance to hangout with the cutest and sweetest Laguna pit bulls

A perfect weekend getaway of nature tripping plus doing great things for a cause.  Surely, you’ll be amazed with the experience. These dogs will embrace you with huge and welcoming smiles on their faces despite their traumatic experience out of  human cruelty.

As someone who has a huge passion in volunteering, when I  received the invite to join CARA Welfare Phils – “Compassion And Responsibility for Animals” and the rescued Laguna Pit Bulls for a Blessing and Thanksgiving at Villa Escudero, I didn’t think twice getting the opportunity to volunteer.  Aside from this, I’ve been wanting to overcome my fear of dogs, this is absolutely a perfect time to conquer my fear!

At age of 6, I was bitten by a dog, since then, I suffered from cynophobia.  The scar is still on my left hand.   Sadly, dogs were on the top of my list that made me feel sick.  They had a negative impact on me.

I always wanted to overcome my fear of dogs.  I was jealous of people who have charming puppies or huge adorable dogs.  Though I didn’t give up hoping that someday I will get the chance to fall in love with them too. 


one of the regular volunteers bonding with one of the sweetest Laguna pit bulls, Goldie


This event was the moment I hoped for.  My long time wish did happen.  If before I couldn’t move when I was surrounded with dogs, but when I attended the thanksgiving, oh my, I have met over 100 pit bulls at Villa Escudero, a wonderful place for nature and animal lovers.   


2blessing of the new home of Laguna Pit Bulls


I was so overwhelmed with all the things I’ve witnessed during the event, all the positive and inspiring moments with bunch of wonderful dog lovers and lovely pit bulls around me, happily bonding with each other.  It felt like in the blink of an eye, my fear of dogs just vanished.  I am very grateful meeting and knowing these inspiring people. 

5beautiful people who have big hearts for animals during dog walks


Truly, it was a wonderful opportunity for me as someone who had suffered from cynophobia.  Their support, care, dedication and love for animals especially for these pit bulls are truly remarkable and inspiring.




 admirable people behind the Cara Welfare Philippines/Save the Laguna Pit Bulls Team


To give you a background of the Laguna pit bulls based from the Cara Welfare Philippines;

On March 30, 2012, an estimated 260 pit bulls and mixed breed dogs were rescued from an illegal dog fighting syndicate operating in Laguna.  This syndicate was operated by several Korean nationals who were arrested in December 2011 for operating another dog fighting ring in Cavite. Today, 165 dogs remain but many still need continuing medical care.


 previous conditions of Laguna pit bulls before they were rescued


When I was watching the video presentations when they were rescued from dog fighting, my heart was bleeding.  It was terribly heartbreaking moments.  I couldn’t imagine how human beings can be so cruel with animals.




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