Satchmi’s Valentine Event: A Night of Feels

These people (and many more!) experienced a lot of feels last Valentine’s Day, thanks to the love given by Satchmi’s Valentine event called FEELS. Free beer, awesome music, and get-half-off-on-your-next-coffee for everyone that night!


Satchmi Valentine Event


Since Satchmi’s official grand opening last December, Satchmi has been making its mark as the place for vinyls and cool Instagrammable interiors. Because they love music so much, Satchmi’s Valentine event took the opportunity to call it Feels. Because, hey, why not? Valentine’s Day is all about the feels, after all.


Satchmi Valentine Event Dearest


Satchmi Valentine Event birdforms

Bird Forms

Satchmi Valentine Event Niki Colet 

Niki Colet

Satchmi Valentine Event April Hernandez The Sun Manager 

April Hernandez of The Sun Manager

Satchmi Valentine Event Fools and Foes 

Fools and Foes

Satchmi Valentine Event 

Reese Lansangan

Satchmi Valentine Event 

BP Valenzuela


Satchmi’s Valentine event‘s music was provided by Dearest, Bird Forms, Niki Colet, April Hernandez of The Sun Manager, Fools and Foes, Reese Lansangan, Half Lit, and BP Valenzuela. These artists graced the audience with their unique musical styles by performing original songs and covers. 


Satchmi Valentine Event

BP Valenzuela’s The Neon Hour


BP Valenzuela’s debut album was also available for pre-order during the event. The EPs of Niki Colet, BP Valenzuela, and The Sun Manager were also available for purchase.


Satchmi Valentine Event


Let’s not forget the free booze thanks to San Miguel! For the singles (the majority of the audience, honestly), the beer and coffee (half off on your second cup!) gave them some love. Thanks to Satchmi, no one in that event had the sad feels on Valentine’s night! In fact, it was hard to recover from the overflowing positive feels right after.




4th Floor, SM Megamall Fashion Hall



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