Sabrina: Manila’s Source of Voguish Fashion

WHEN IN MANILA found another haven of stylish and youthful clothes called Sabrina, which includes a closet of lovely ensembles for lovely ladies!

Sabrina Clothing’s dominant style is a easy on the eyes, delicate, and relaxed. If you take a look at Sabrina’s photo sets on Facebook, you will discover a wardrobe of fresh designs—which would make any girl who wears one feel like a carefree Bohemian or even a high-spirited Parisian.

Sabrina collections are very special because each piece of clothing is originally designed and made by none other than its founding owner, Miss Teena Tan.

We did an exclusive interview with her and learned a lot about her inspirations and fashion favorites.

Read on and find out how this wonder-girl managed to start her own business back when she was still a student and worked her way to establishing her very own clothing line.

Sabrina Clothing

WIM: How/When did you start Sabrina?

S: “I started selling online back when I was in high school, but it wasn’t Sabrina yet. I used to sell pre-order shoes and clothes from brands like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe. That was where I earned my capital to start a brand of my own. Back in college, I started Amber and Madison, same idea as Sabrina, but I wasn’t too focused on it due to school, so I failed. After college, I was very determined to pursue my dream to become a designer, so I went straight to studying fashion design. On January 2012, I started Sabrina.”

WIM: Who helps you run the business?

S: “I consider Sabrina my baby. I run it on my own. But here and there, I ask for my friends’ advices about designs, styles, and etc.”

Sabrina Clothing

​WIM: As a fashion designer, how would you describe Sabrina’s style?​

S: “My designs for Sabrina are very feminine. I think that’s the most consistent about my designs. Sometimes, they are sophisticated and basic but most of the time I like it colorful with feminine cuts and prints.”

WIM: What/Who are your inspirations for Sabrina’s products?

S: “I have a lot of sources of inspiration. I always look at Pinterest, Instagram, local and foreign designers.”


WIM: What materials do you usually use for your apparel?

S: “I love chiffon. That’s my favorite! But it also depends on the design. Some would require cotton, jersey, or satin.”

WIM: Which local celebrities and bloggers wear Sabrina?

S: The very first celebrity who wore Sabrina was singer Julie Ann San Jose. After that, artists like Solenn Heusaff, Jodi Sta. Maria, KZ Tandingan, and Empress wore Sabrina too.

Bloggers who wear Sabrina are Tracy Ayson, Kryz Uy, Lissa Kahayon, Cheyser Pedregosa, and Vern Enciso. I owe a lot to these bloggers.”

Sabrina Clothing

WIM: What makes Sabrina unique from other online fashion stores in Manila?

S: “Sabrina is a brand that carries unique designs. It’s not from Bangkok or Korea or anywhere else. It is designed by a Pinoy and made by a Pinoy.”

WIM: What Sabrina collections/pieces should we look forward to?

S: “Right now, I’ve been really hooked on pencil skirts and midi length skirts. So you’ll probably see a lot of those.”

WIM: Where else can we find Sabrina clothes?

S: “Sabrina doesn’t have its own boutique yet but you can frequently find our goodies at bazaars around the metro.”

Teena was very kind to talk to and she also sent me a loot of Sabrina goodies, including a couple of gorgeous tops and a nice geometrical shirt. Take a look at them below!

Sabrina Clothing

This skirt fits really snugly! Its uneven cut makes it more appealing and it goes really well tee-shirts or any kind of top. It also looks great when I tried it on with my high-cut boots. It has a attitude, but it’s not too loud to look at. It’s catchy, but not too much.

Sabrina Clothing

This charming purple and orange off-shoulder top is called Bella. It is very comfortable to wear and is perfect if you want to achieve a cool ’60s hippie look! It has a tie on both ends, which makes it look more girly. Its thin garment is splendid, especially when it’s a humid day.

Sabrina Clothing

This white top is called Lyka, which is made of georgette. It has a very soft texture at it can easily accentuate one’s structure. It can be perfectly paired with a skirt but if you want to have a more casual look, this stunning top can also go well with jeans. Its neutral color makes it wearable any day!

And because we’re feeling really generous today, Sabrina is giving away both tops (Bella and Lyka) to ONE lucky When in Manila reader!

To join, just head on to this link!

WHEN IN MANILA, always stay sleek and sassy with simply stunning clothes. Wear Sabrina clothes however you want to!

All photos in this article were provided by Teena Tan of Sabrina Clothing.

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