Rude Driver Showed Up at LTFRB and Refuses to Undergo Drug Test

I am very particular when it comes to cab drivers. I’ve had my share of horror stories with rude drivers too. Similar to what happened to a netizen who had an altercation with a rude driver yesterday, Tuesday, January 5, 2015.

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In a 45-video clip uploaded by Jordie Lag (or Joanna Garcia as reported by the Inquirer), she shared how rude the cab driver was. According to her post on Facebook, she took the cab going to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) when the driver asked her to pay P250 instead of the meter. The fare on the meter, according to the passenger was P140. She then handed P200 to pay for it, but the rude driver started arguing and insisting with the P250 fare.

Here’s the full caption:


eto po ang pinaka nakakatakot na driver na nasakyan ko.. from sm north po sumakay ako sa nakapilang taxi … sabi niya sakin 250 daw sabi ko naman naka metro naman kuya… And so i thought ok n si kuya sa metro… pero nung nasa POEA n kami inabot ko kay kuya ung 200 expecting a 50 change… din bigla nalang nagsisigaw si kuya eh GAGO ka pala, eh dapat nga 350 tapos sabi m sakin ikaw bahala at metro nalang.. so sabi kuya kaya nga i metro so 140 lang… tapos 3 beses ako ulit minura ayaw ibigay ang sukli, tapos sabi sakin ni kuya sasapakin ako pag di ako bumababa, nung makita nya na vinideo ko sya pinukpuk nya ako.. so bumababa na ako and nagstop ng video.. pero hinabol nya ako sa baba then mukhang sasapakin so sabi ko hali ka kuya sige subukan mo tapos natakot nalang sya dahil me mga tao and puro lalake nakatingin saknya and tinatawag ako para tawagin ung police… tsaka lang humarurot si kuya…

una po high si kuya at kung ano ano pinagsasabi, pangalawa sana etong ganitong driver hindi kinukuha… papatay talaga si kuya literal…

‪#‎nakakatakot‬ sya sobra.

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Although, 666 in the movie Omen means “the beast” or “man of sin” is fictional, it clearly resonates to the attitude of the cab driver towards his passengers.

In case you missed the video, watch it below:

Cab Driver Refuses to Undergo Drug Testing

As per Joanna Garcia, the driver might be using illegal drugs and acting like he was ready to kill someone. With that, Garcia went to LTFRB to file a formal complaint against the rude driver.
According to the report shared by the, the rude driver was identified as Roger Catipay. The driver showed up at the Land Transportation Regulatory Board or LTFRB along with the AFG Taxi Operator, Ariel Gamboa, the next day.
Roger Catipay Cab driver
Photo courtesy by Erika Sauler / Philippine Daily Inquirer

The report further said that Roger Catipay refused to undergo a drug test and will ask for Lawyer’s advice before engaging to the procedure.

Moreover, Roger Catipay and AFG Taxi Operator Gamboa were asked to put in writing and explain why the Certificate of Public Convenience of AFG Taxi should not be suspended due to the following supposed violations:

  • contracting passenger
  • overcharging of fare
  • harassment/arrogant driver
  • the driver making a threat to the life of a passenger

In my opinion, the meter is installed across cabs for a reason – to calculate passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time. NO MORE. NO LESS. Therefore, if the meter says P140 pesos- the passenger will ONLY pay for P140 unless the driver was really kind and you can give a TIP. (To Insure Promptness). Also, drug testing for these drivers should be implemented, STAT!

Otherwise, it is what it is!

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