Romantic Donkatsu: Enjoy Huge Korean Donkatsu While Staying Safe

Love donkatsu and miss eating out, but still a little too scared to dine out coz of the pandemic? We’ve found a place where you can enjoy Korean-style tender pork cutlets while staying safe at the same time!

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Photo from Romantic Donkatsu

As with many other food businesses out there, Romantic Donkatsu struggled during the pandemic. In fact, they actually had to postpone some of their plans and reassess their strategies along the way.

However, they didn’t let the pandemic get them down. Instead, they saw this struggle as a positive challenge to do better.

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Photo from Romantic Donkatsu

Romantic Donkatsu’s food originated from the South Korean donkatsu but has been given a twist to add a hint of Filipinos’ preferred taste. They have successfully crafted a recipe that nurtures the rich flavor and deliciousness of donkatsu in every serving while ensuring that Filipinos fall in love with every bite.

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Photo from Romantic Donkatsu

Romantic Donkatsu has tried different approaches to make the perfect donkatsu set. In the end, they have incorporated the Philippine market’s sociocultural background, food habits, and preferences in crafting their menus.

“The Filipino’s preferable taste is what inspired us most to come up with these mouthwatering recipes,” they share. Their menus differ from creamy to spicy to cheesy, and they are all designed with a well-balanced and healthy amount of food per serving in mind.

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Photo from Romantic Donkatsu

If you’re looking for authentic Korean cuisine, Romantic Donkatsu is a must-try! Their food is well-researched and they offer a variety of recipes that you can try to experience delicious Korean food. The best part about Romantic Donkatsu is that their donkatsu is HUGE. It is made even more delectable with their special handcrafted pour-over sauce.

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Photo from Romantic Donkatsu

Romantic Donkatsu provides excellent service, too! How do they take care of their customers during the new normal? For starters, they strictly comply with all of the DTI, IATF, and LGU’s health and safety protocols. First and foremost, they assure that their establishment has a safe and clean environment for you to enjoy.

For dine-ins, they required customers to have their body temperature checked and to fill up a health declaration form. All of the data collected from their customers are protected according to the National Privacy Commission (NPC). As for their employees, they all wear masks and face shields for safety; while the tables, chairs, door handles, and menus are all cleaned on a regular basis.

They only allow up to 30 people at a time for dine-ins, as well.

Make sure to visit their store at Ayala Bay Mall, ParaƱaque which opens today (November 13, 2020) for a special 3-day promo of 20% off until Sunday (November 16, 2020)!!!

Romantic Donkatsu

KoreaTown, 3rd Floor, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque

10AM to 8PM



Instagram: @RomanticDonkatsu