Rogue One Quickly Rises To Third-Highest Grossing Film Of 2016

The new Star Wars film “Rogue One” just came out this month, and it’s already ascended to being the third-highest grossing film of 2016!


The Star Wars interquel, taking place before A New Hope, is breaking box office records, already reaching $687.7 million worldwide in just two weeks.

Rogue One grossed $16.6 million in the United States at more than 4,000 areas on Thursday, earning a total of $375.2 million in its first 14 days.

Rogue One has already surpassed this year’s hit movies such as “The Secret Life of Pets” (8 million), “The Jungle Book” (4 million), and “Deadpool” (3 million) on the same day.

 “Finding Dory” is still the highest grosser of 2016 at $486 million, followed by “Captain America: Civil War” at $408 million.

At this rate, it seems a better outcome than any for those who hoped for Rogue One to take off massively.

Thoughts on this? Have you seen Rogue One?