Rogue One Quickly Rises To Third-Highest Grossing Film Of 2016

The new Star Wars film “Rogue One” just came out this month, and it’s already ascended to being the third-highest grossing film of 2016!


The Star Wars interquel, taking place before A New Hope, is breaking box office records, already reaching $687.7 million worldwide in just two weeks.

Rogue One grossed $16.6 million in the United States at more than 4,000 areas on Thursday, earning a total of $375.2 million in its first 14 days.

Rogue One has already surpassed this year’s hit movies such as “The Secret Life of Pets” ($368 million), “The Jungle Book” ($364 million), and “Deadpool” ($363 million) on the same day.

 “Finding Dory” is still the highest grosser of 2016 at $486 million, followed by “Captain America: Civil War” at $408 million.

At this rate, it seems a better outcome than any for those who hoped for Rogue One to take off massively.

Thoughts on this? Have you seen Rogue One?


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