RockJaw Kommand In-ear Earphones: Very versatile and mature sounding for the price

I have previously reviewed the RockJaw Alfa Genus here and it was a great experience. Now that I have the RockJaw Kommand for review, I cannot fathom how this top of the line in-ear earphone from RockJaw is even a much better experience. The RockJaw Kommand is the current flagship from RockJaw, it basically has a similar wood earpiece body and adds a hook for fit and comfort. It retains the similar 3 interchangeable filters from the Alfa Genus for times when you want the sound quality to change depending on your mood, music, or source matching. This one is specially different in the way that it houses a hybrid set-up. Yep, it is a Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver in-ear. Awesome! The RockJaw Kommand though has a very different approach to sound and that’s what I want to focus on about. Let’s get right on track then.




Packaging/Build: Packaging is very similar to the RockJaw Alfa Genus except that the Kommand has a wider box that is more premium with a front cover that you can lift for a better window view. Packaging by RockJaw has been stellar from the start. A little too aiming to the youth, yes, I am still part of the youth though but I like things classy, but I see how they aim more of this demography specially for the good price stamp. Build is very same with the Alfa Genus, wood body with metal filters. The addition of metal ear hooks. Pretty good and sturdy. Very premium feel in hand. My only issue with the Kommand is that, the earhooks aren’t friendly to everyone. I, for one, dislike the earhooks as it feels very awkward and not helping at all. Most other fellow audiophiles I have allowed to try and use the Kommand though liked the earhooks. Of course there were still some that didn’t like it. I do understand the hooks though as the Kommand’s shape is elongated and could cause easy fall-outs during usage. Although, I wish that an over-the-ear memory wire could have been used instead.




Sound Quality: The Kommand just as how it’s name flaunts, absolves command of the music. It is very mature from the Alfa Genus and also very mature sounding for the price it adorns. The presentation is detailed. Range is also very dynamic thanks to the hybrid BA + Dynamic driver set-up. Soundstage is wide but lacks a bit of depth. Instrument separation is very good for the price and for the kind of IEM that it is promoted or understood of. It’s easy to focus on a certain instrument and to imagine the stage presented right in-front of you. The highs are extended really well with some hints of sparkle while avoiding any harshness. The Balanced Armature driver really does well in creating details and sparkle while containing any peak. The sweet spot of the RockJaw Kommand is definitely the mids, very lush and sweet. Intimate and detailed. Very mature sounding mids with proper control. Movement of lips and plucking of guitars sounded very sweet. A surprising feat for an IEM in this price and for a new brand. Bass is controlled and pretty much enough to satisfy, no bloating and excessive bleeding.




With the filters, the Stock Bass Filter is probably my favorite as the bass is enough and the mids are warm enough for proper body. The Gold Neutral Filter gives more accurate and much more lush mids as it gives more room to breathe, downside though is that the bass becomes anemic, too light. With the Silver Treble Filter, treble sparkle and extension is increased but overall sound becomes too thin. As I may have mentioned before, these filters would also help immensely in matching with source. Matching with amps and players, these filters would work really well. So try ’em out and figure out which suits you or your set-up best.




Overall: For the £119.99 (roughly around Php 8,000.00), the RockJaw Kommand really does well and delivers mature sound that boasts good mids. Other brands in the same type of branding and promotion would show-off bass and nothing but bass, but RockJaw really shines with proper audio quality without destroying the music. A good feat for a new product and brand. With 3 filters too that simulates 3 different in-ear earphones, this one is really worth the price! The RockJaw Kommand is available from the RockJaw Audio website linked below.





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