Road to recovery: Liza Soberano suffers from bone infection

To give you a brief background, Liza was supposed to be the lead star for the upcoming Darna movie. However, she had a finger injury causing her to withdraw from the movie. That injury made her flew to LA to have it healed through surgery.

Since then, we haven’t gotten any update from her.

But on her latest Instagram post, the actress finally shared what’s up. She is currently in LA again to have plates from her previous surgery removed. However, the doctors discovered that her bone hasn’t really healed and is now suffering from a bone infection. Yikes! Poor Liza. ūüôĀ

On her post, she mentioned…

During surgery, the doctor discovered that my bone wasn‚Äôt healed and that I also had a bone infection (no one is to blame for the infection it just happens sometimes). So now I‚Äôm taking antibiotics through a PICC line on my left arm. As soon as my infection is clear I will have my 2nd (and possibly 3rd) surgery. That’s pretty much it.


With that, her stay in LA took a little longer than expected. And as per her doctors, she will need more time to fully recover. Luckily, her management and fans support her through these hard times.

Let’s hope and pray for Liza’s quick recovery!