Rise Artisanal: Sourdough Bread Done Right

When I got back from a recent trip to Palawan, I suffered from a bad case of sourdough bread withdrawal. Because of this, I went on a mission to find the best sourdough bread in Manila. And trust me: I tried really hard. I think I was at my fourth sourdough bread store when I came across Rise Artisanal. They were the first sourdough bread store that I really, truly loved. Literally, everything on their menu is delicious! I also need to mention that my daughter, who does not like sourdough bread at all, also fell in love with their products – and that’s saying something!

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Photo from Rise Artisanal

All About Rise Artisanal

Mai Mislang founded Rise Artisanal during the pandemic because of her love for healthy bread. At the time, it was difficult to get artisanal bread because of COVID-19 so she figured, “How hard can it be?” With time as a luxury and an oven at her disposal, Mai searched for an easy bread recipe online and came up with better results than she expected. “I decided to keep practicing as a way of feeding myself and my family well,” she shares.

Mai started making sourdough when a friend of hers started raving about it. After three months, she finally perfected her recipe and she has been baking sourdough ever since. And, as mentioned earlier, I can definitely vouch for their sourdough! It’s delicious, super soft, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Classic sourdough aside, they also have cranberry walnut, focaccia with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, focaccia garlic and herbs, and even apple pie!

Mai shares that she specifically chose combinations that are vegan so that health-conscious and planet-conscious people can have access to good bread too. “At Rise, we take the climate crisis seriously so we also use sustainable packaging,” Mai adds.

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Photo from Rise Artisanal

How to Eat Sourdough Bread

Rise Artisanal’s sourdough loaves are all baked fresh on the same day, so make sure to enjoy it right away. You can have it with some pasta or chicken, put some spread on it, or just eat it on its own. I usually just eat it as is and Rise Artisanal truly does not disappoint.

How to Store Sourdough Bread

Sourdough can stay fresh for up to 5 days at room temperature when wrapped in linen cloth but I’m sure you won’t have to worry about that. We finished ours in 2 days; it’s just that good. If in any case you don’t finish it, though, or want to order a lot and save it for later; you can also freeze the sourdough and then toast it straight from the freezer or thaw it in the counter. It’ll taste as good as new!

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Photo from Rise Artisanal

What’s more, Rise Artisanal delivers all around the Metro with a standard shipping fee of only 150 pesos! I was so happy to hear this because I’m all the way in the South and haven’t found any amazing sourdough places here yet.

If you’ve never tried sourdough before, this is your sign to try it. It’s good for your gut and overall health, and it’s truly a game-changer in the world of bread.

This Christmas, why not share the beautiful gift of sourdough with others? Rise Artisanal’s holiday concierge service lets you order at least 15 boules, focaccias, or sourdough desserts for gifting and they will write your messages, wrap them in an earth-friendly box with a ribbon and card, and ship them to your loved ones for free. Just make sure to submit the names and detaiils by November 15, 2022 (shipping starts first week of December).

Rise Artisanal

Website: https://riseartisanal.com

Instagram: @riseartisanal

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