RIP iTunes: Hello Apple Music, TV, and Podcasts

If you grew up in or before the 90s, then chances are you once banged your head while listening to rock music on the iPod. Itunes, Apple’s own media player and music library, was very popular and was a big thing for music-lovers. Do you remember meticulously organizing all your beloved songs and even downloading album cover art for them? Ahh, good times. But as they say, “all good things must come to an end” and that time has come for our beloved music player.

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Is it really goodbye for iTunes?

A few days ago, the tech company announced that it has decided to phase out iTunes. But what does this mean for music-loving Apple users? This is to make way for three new applications in the next version of MacOS. These new applications are the Music, TV, and Podcasts–iTunes’ primary functions. So it basically means that the music application will not be completely gone, but it will only be separated into three stand-alone apps.


What can we expect from the new applications?

As their names suggest, Apple Music will solely be used for listening to music, Podcast will only be for podcast listening experience, and lastly, TV will give users exclusive content and shows from other providers. It is reported to support 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.

It is also good to know that Apple Music will let users import their whole current music library from iTunes which includes the music purchased, rips from CDs, MP3s, etc.

When will it arrive?

The new applications are said to launch along with the new OS X 10.15 which is nicknamed Catalina. You can expect them to arrive this September.

My Apple device is old, will it be compatible with the new apps?

It is yet to be confirmed about the new applications’ backward compatibility with older Apple devices.

While a lot of people have grown fond of iTunes over the years, it’s now time to say hello to new apps. We can’t wait to hear more information about it.

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