10 Things You’d Relate to if You’re a Fan of Indie Music

Words By: Carinna Reyes

As cliché as it sounds, there’s no denying that music really is the language of the universe. And like languages, there are some of us who prefer to ‘speak’ and listen to experimental, acoustic-heavy rhythm rather than the usual pop.

But just because not everyone is familiar with indie music doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a cause of celebration. Here are some things fans of indie music have experienced once in their life and would definitely relate to:

  1. Stumbling on the Narnia side of Youtube is one of the best pleasures in life.

We’ve all pulled all-nighters for this. We’d spend an entire day clicking random music videos on the recommended tab of Youtube, praying that the song would hit that musical sweet spot that’s been itching for a while now. Sometimes, it takes all day. Other times, it only takes a few minutes before you’re there.

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The Narnia of Youtube. The place where your recommended tab is filled with unknown bands waiting to be discovered or songs that you can’t help coming back to. And once you’re there, shutting down your laptop is one of the most painful things to do because you won’t know when you can stumble upon that magical place again.

Ah yes, indie music.  One of the greatest pains and joys in life.

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  1. You also scout for music from soundtracks of coming-of-age movies.

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The angstier the movie is, the better. For some reason, troubled teenagers have the greatest playlists. And they also have most of the staring-outside-a-bus-window moments which require mellow yet rocking music–something us indie fans feed off of.

Besides, let’s face it: Despite our actual age, we’re all angsty teenagers inside anyway.

  1. Without question, “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers is our national anthem.

It doesn’t matter where or when we hear it. As soon as that electric guitar strum hits, our heads start banging and our air guitars are jamming.

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Its lyrics are Godsent and it’s practically our hallelujah to the indie gods. And that blonde-haired girl in the music video is our Eve. Without her, “Mr. Brightside” would never have existed. (Yes, this is canon. No one can argue with me about this).

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  1. Explaining your taste in music is like speaking in Martian.

Whenever I’m asked what I listen to, my automatic response is: “very weird, and very unpopular music.” But that doesn’t even begin to cover what indie music is. It doesn’t have the familiarity of pop, the soulfulness of the blues, or the colorfulness of jazz entirely, yet it can have bits of all the other music genres at the same time.

It’s strange but it is this strangeness that makes it appealing. How can you explain all of that without sounding weird yourself?

  1. That said, sharing your music is as terrifying and nerve-wracking as jumping out of a plane.

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I’m not exaggerating, when you’re being handed the aux cord, it feels like your whole body is in rigor mortis and your songs aren’t enough to keep your company entertained. You have no guarantee if they’ll like the bands you listen to or the songs that you think are bop-worthy.

Just thinking about it is giving me anxiety already.

  1. But finding someone who knows the words to your songs becomes your instant friend.

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I’d say that’s as serendipitous as finding money in the pockets of your clothes. Sometimes the risk you take on sharing your music pays off, and the great prize is finding someone that understands the pains of finding the Narnia side of Youtube and having them help you remember the crazy band names that you’re looking out for.

  1. From time to time, you’ve been called as a music snob–and it’s pretty hurtful.

One of the bigger reasons that make admitting to everyone that you’re an indie music fan is the stereotype that comes along with it. Often, people would see you as a snob; as someone who thinks that they are above the popular songs nowadays. When in fact, you just prefer something else.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you listen to some popular songs too.

Let’s be real, no decent person really thinks that just because a song is popular, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. Bruno Mars’ hits, Cardi B’s “I Like It,” and even Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” are just too good to miss. I should know, they get me through my workouts and cold showers.

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  1. You’ve seen some of the most psychedelic music videos there are.

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Yellowbirds coming out of the hollow holes of a skull? Zoom-in of an iris that leads to a different dimension? The lead singer making out with a mannequin? Seen it, used to it, I’ve even developed an eye for mannequins now. (Some of them are more symmetrical than others, alright?)

  1. But at the end of the day, you realize that you don’t really care.

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Whether people get it or not, it doesn’t really matter. No matter how tedious it is to find them, these are the songs that can express all the things you have no words for. At the end of the day, all us indie music fans only feel is gratitude for the songs–and the artists–that comprise the kind of language we understand in this universe.

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Any indie musicians you’d recommend us listening to? Help a fellow fan out and link us their songs below!