Represent: Legit Status Varsity Fundraiser


When in Manila you can’t just get past all the events that’s been going on in different scenes. Of course the dance scene has its own contribution. Presenting Legit Status‘ 4th annual fundraising event entitled “Represent”. These are two benefit concerts (June 16 for Varsity and July 14 for Megacrew) to help Legit Statusteams bag the championship  title in 2012′s World Hiphop Dance Championship. 



I came with my friends who are also dancers and I had pictures with other dancers who were part of the show.



This year it’s packed (again) with hundreds of people surrounding the Market! Market! activity center. 



The event was hosted by Rikki Flores and during intermissions, by Legit Status’ own Suzie



The event started with a hyped up dance number from Legit Status members.


From then on the show was pumped up and shortly after these teams also rocked it out with swag, energy and technique that would surely give you goosebumps.



These young boys are called “V’s Avengers” one of the winning teams of Legit Status’ coach, Vimi Rivera



San Beda’s Zap. Inc. also performed giving the audience a new flavor in dance. 



“Swag n Style”, Vimi Rivera’s class under Groove Central, also graced the stage and gave everybody a suave piece.



LSDC Street,was there too. They will represent our country in the Megacrew division; ironically against Legit Status’ Megacrew team as well


Though I believe that these dance teams don’t dance against each other, rather they dance alongside one another in representing our country and in making our Filipino men proud. 



For those who have been dancing for quite some time now, you might recognize Kenjohns here.


He’s a Philippine Allstars member, the first Filipino group who has won the championship title for our country twice, and is also a Rockstars member. He doesn’t only dance in this number but he also sings to his own composition while he performs. 



“V’s Angels”, again a crew under Vimi Rivera, staged a clean and laudable dance number. 



There were also two intermissions (boys against boys, girls against girls) which paved way to dancers from the audience. 


These people might be familiar to some of you because they’re part of a dance group as well.









Their piece was clean, on point, powerful, swag, sexy and taunting all at the same time. 


Legit Status has totally proven themselves as a threat to the world’s teams, and hopefully they do bag the championship title for our country. 


If you haven’t had enough; Legit Status’ fundraiser still isn’t done, another one for the Megacrew team will present their World hiphop Dance Chamionship piece

on July 14 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre.


When In Manila, let us all show our support: Like Legit Status on Facebook and follow them on twitter



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