Regine Velasquez Fights Back Against Sarah Geronimo’s Fans Accusing Her of ‘Credit-Grabbing’

Excitement and celebration for the upcoming concert of Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo quickly turned sour as fans of Sarah G began to accuse Regine of taking all the credit for the almost sold-out show.

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The Asia’s Songbird took to Twitter on Monday, December 16, to air out her disappointment in response to negative tweets directed towards her after her sister, Cacai Mitra, congratulated only Regine for nearly selling out the tickets.

“Sorry not sorry pero na offend nyu po ang popsters miss @cacaimitra collab concert po yan, hindi po solo concert anjan nga po mukha ni SG sa poster ehh. Eto ako na mag tatag kahiya naman. @JustSarahG yeheeey sold out ang concert nyo!!!” one fan tweeted, tagging Sarah’s Twitter account.

(“Sorry not sorry but you offended the Popsters, Miss Cacai. That is a collab concert, not a solo concert, Sarah’s face is there. Here, I’ll be the one to tag her because it’s embarrassing. Sarah, yay, your concert is sold out!”)

“FYI Sarah G is also part of the Success. Well in fact, with all due respect dahil kay (it’s because of) Sarah G kaya nasold out ang tix kaya please lang Ayos ayusin mo Cacai (that the tickets were sold out so please fix your statement Cacai),” another said.

Regine wrote: “Gusto ko lang sabihin na sa lahat ng concert na gagawin ito Lang ang may issue (I just want to say that out of all the concerts I’ve done, this is the only one that was made an issue of). My sister probably didn’t know Sarah has a [Twitter] account and you guys are making such a big [deal] about it. Obvious ba na collab ito naka tag Viva (It’s obvious that this is a collaboration and Viva was tagged) right?”

Sa dinami dami kong collab na ginawa ngayon lang kami na akusahan na (Out of the many collaborations I’ve done this is the first time we’re accused that) we are taking all the credits,” she continued. “Nakaka disappoint (It’s very disappointing) I have never experienced this. And I have worked with a lot of artists. Sorry but you guys are breaking my heart.”

Many other Sarah G fans tweeted their support for the concert and Regine to make up for the others who have continued to bash her.

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“I’m a fan of Sarah G too, pero grabe ka war freak ng ibang popsters! Nakakahiya! Hoy mahiya naman kayo kay @JustSarahG kung gaano kabait ng iniidolo nyo ganun din kayo ka bastos!” one said.

(“I’m a fan of Sarah G too, but other Popsters are such war freaks! It’s embarrassing! Hey, you should feel sorry to Sarah G, your idol so kind and you’re all so rude.”)

Another added: “OMG nakakastress yung pag caclash ng mga fans. Solid popster ako pero I also love Ms Reg kasi super love niya si Sarah. Sana wag na palakihin yung mga gantong issue! I’m sure pag nakita to ni Sarah malulungkot yun huhu. For me I don’t see anything wrong with the post. Let’s spread love.”

(“OMG the way fans are clashing is so stressful. I’m a solid Popster but I also love Ms. Regine because she super loves Sarah. I hope we stop making this a big issue! I’m sure if Sarah sees this she will be very sad. For me, I don’t see anything wrong with the post. Let’s spread love.”)

“I’m [an] SG fan. But wala naman ako masama nakita kung hindi na tag si SG. Ang mahalaga e maging successful at alam naman siguro ng fans na may concert edi suporta na wag na gawing big deal ang hindi pag tag,” another shared.

(“I’m an [SG] fan. But I don’t see anything wrong with SG not being tagged. What’s important is that the concert becomes successful and fans probably know that if there’s a concert they should just support it and not make Sarah not being tagged into a big deal.”)

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