Reduced Flagdown Taxi Rates Approved – LTFRB

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As reported by CNN, the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) announced yesterday (March 8) that starting March 19, the taxi flagdown rates nationwide would be starting from P30. In addition, the adjusted rates include airport taxis, which will have an initial rate of P60 from the current P70 flagdown rate.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind to maximize the new rates:

  • P3.50 for every 500 meters for regular taxis
  • P4 for the first 500 meters and an additional P4 for every succeeding 500 meters for airport taxi passengers.

The LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez  confirmed and was quoted in the article, “that is good for commuters because their P3.50 which was 300 meters before is now 500 meters.


  • The new rate is effective March 19, regardless if the meter is not calibrated and re-sealed yet. Drivers who don’t comply shall be penalized to pay for P5000 for overcharging. 

Additionally, Ginez said, the meter reading, however, will be faster. Here’s the catch: from the usual 2 minutes, now it will only take 90 seconds, due to the taxi operators and drivers’ appeal to recognize the traffic congestion, additional waiting and turn around time.

Calibration Process – schedule per plate ending

April – 4,9, and 2

May – 5,0, and 7

June – 1,3,6,and 8

The fare reduction was due to lower oil prices in the world market.  If you would remember, the decision came out last year due to the series of rollbacks in fuel prices. However, since it would take time to recalibrate the meters, passengers were asked to inform the drivers to subtract the P10 from the total fare.

Earlier this year, the LTFRB also adjusted the Jeepney fare to P7.

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