Reasons NOT to Vote for a Candidate

presidential canditates 2015

Tomorrow, we exercise our right to vote.

We will be choosing new leaders who we believe will lead our country to a progress, to a better future. If you’re voting tomorrow, kudos for doing your responsibility as a citizen of this country.

Before you shade anyone on your ballot, we give you some friendly reminders. For what it’s worth, despite heated arguments especially on social media, I believe we just want the common good no matter who are choices are. If you’re still undecided and/or completing your list, here are some tips to keep in mind.

5. Do NOT vote for a candidate just because they are endorsed by celebrities. The reason to vote for someone is because you truly believe that they can do good public service. We are not saying that you should not vote for anyone endorsed by celebrities. What we mean is don’t make your idols’ choices dictate who you pick this election. But if you agree with them and sincerely feel your idols’ choices can better our country, then by all means, pick their choices.

4. Do NOT vote for someone because of superficial reasons. Do NOT vote for them for the sole reasons that they are good-looking, that they dress nicely, and talk properly. Instead, look at what they have done for our country and what else they can do to improve the Philippines. These are just the niceties. It’s good if the candidates have them, but these should not be the be all end all.

3. Do NOT vote for someone if you will merely rely on them to do the dirty work for our nation’s progress. The effort should come from each and every one of us if we want our country to further. To be a cowboy, we need to do cowboy things. The solutions to our country’s problems don’t come quick and easy not like free cake.

2. Do NOT vote for a candidate just because they are leading the surveys. Do NOT vote because you think they are sure winners, but vote for them because they have proven themselves time and again that they deserve and they can lead the country. Do NOT merely join the bandwagon. Use the power of your freewill to choose the leader who can lead not who is just popular.

1. Do NOT vote for a candidate who “pays” you to vote for them. The payment does not mean in monetary terms only. Well, you know what I mean. Don’t sell your vote to anyone.

Philippine flag

If you passionately care about the future of our country, and if you have developed strong and informed opinions about the candidates based on issues and past performance, then by all means, go out there and vote for them. However, don’t try to bullyrag people who have opposing views from yours.

I believe we just want the best for our country regardless who we choose.

Exercise your right to vote properly and this grateful nation thanks you.