9 Important Questions to Ask Ourselves Before Casting our Votes this Upcoming Elections

Before I proceed, let me put a disclaimer first:

I am neither a political analyst nor a lawyer. I am just a mom and a Filipino citizen like you, who is keen to have a better future for my family and fellow countrymen. Whilst I would refrain from commenting on politics, this article doesn’t matter in that instance as I’m talking about my personal opinion about Leadership, definitely NOT the policy. Therefore, the candidates and situations mentioned here are purely personal and no intentions of hurting anyone.

Imagine, our country is like the Mt. Everest.


Do you think our future President would have a successful expedition without our help?

You might be thinking, “what’s the connection of the Everest, mountaineer, and Sherpa to elections?” Well, our future president is the mountaineer and the sherpas are us.

According to Merriam-Webster, Sherpas are the locals living at the highest point of Nepal, Himalayas. They are often hired to help guide mountain climbers and carry their equipment. In short, they guide the mountaineers to reach the summit.

Same thing happens this coming election and the next six years – we elect him/her and we help the “chosen one” succeed.

Essentially, there are nine key things to do and nine questions that every person, especially leaders, should consider answering before anything else.

I would categorize the questions into three principles (Get Ready, Get Set, Go). Although, they are designed for corporate teams, I thought that these questions will definitely help us gauge who’s who and which is which.

Get Ready – these are the questions our future leaders (or we) must answer to ensure the sturdiness of our foundation. This way the team or country will understand the style, approach, which is essential to get the job done.


How will we do it? (what’s your basis in voting a candidate?)

Who do we want to be on board?

What’s out there if s/he wins?

Get Set – these are the questions that would help everyone work together. The ultimate goal is for the future leader to run with compassion and solidarity.


Where are we going? Disciplined country or enormous crab mentality?

What’s in it for us? Are we really the “boss?” or “stepping stone?”

What are the risks of voting him/her?

Go – these are the questions once the new term has begun.


How will we keep going?

What have we learned from the past administration?

What’s next after winning?

Personal Opinion

Truthfully, what makes the place beautiful are the people living in. As the saying goes, “Who you determine how you see everything.”

It’s a reflection of your experience. Hasn’t it been true for you?

We respond to what we are prepared to believe in. Diba nga, if we argue with our partners, we only fight for our right, because that’s our experience. And what makes the conversation healthy, is the way we understand each other. It’s only YOU who can change your perception. It’s only YOU who can understand everything.

Not Binay. Not Poe. Not Mar. Not Duterte.

Whoever wins, s/he will just implement rules and regulations. S/He will make the country more sustainable, while maintaining a safe country to invest and live in. While WE must comply and help the next administration flourish.

Ultimately, this coming May 9, we vote alone. We don’t vote for our husbands, wives, friends, co-workers beside us. It’s just YOU, paper, and pen/machine.

Hopefully, they will demonstrate integrity, credibility, and ingenuity.

Remember, our angst against the government wouldn’t change anything unless we are disciplined as well.

Good luck to us. Let’s not make the Philippines look bad by our loose lips, because loose lips sink ships.

So, if you were to ask one question, what would it be and why?

P.S. No profanity, bashing, and non-sense comments, please. This is a non-judgmental article.


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