READ: This random piece of paper moved this movie goer

Life gives you random anecdotes at the most random places. You can pick it up from circumstances, people you bump into, or even stories.

For the case of Amiel Ryan Bicaldo, what seemed to be a normal day to catch the latest film turned out to be an experience he’d never forget.

While buying food and drinks to feast on during the movie, he came across a random paper sitting on the top of an empty table next to him and his companions. “I noticed that the paper was too wide and the text was too vibrant, so I decided to take a closer look,” he shares to WHEN IN MANILA.

It reads:

Hi! I am (was) recently diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) .. 🙂 Stage 3.

Battling with chemo and radiation and blood transfusion and all. But I decided to stop for a while, after knowing everything about the treatment.

Guess what? I will be pushing through with the treatment, knowing the side effects and all. Pray for me. This will be a great one. I know. F***ING GREAT EXPERIENCE THAT I HAVE TO GET THROUGH .. SMILE!

While you have the energy and all, do whatever you would do. What makes you happy. I will too .. as long as I can.

—> Nurse, 26

Bicaldo initially thought (at first glance) that the paper was a review of the milk tea place they were in.

“I didn’t really it read at first, I thought it was just a bunch of scribbles. I then took the piece of paper so I could see it better. I am actually a fan of those random article/listicles that occasionally comes out on my Facebook timeline about hilarious and exaggerated reviews fully-satisfied costumers write on different products. I thought that the paper I was holding would be something similar to those product reviews.”

Bicaldo couldn’t exactly remember who occupied the table next to theirs. He only recalls a person who seemed like a student.

“I was focused on my phone and minding my own business. I was just able to see him/her slightly through my peripheral vision. This happened before I left to buy some water. After I came back the person was gone and a piece of paper lay flat on the table.

I generally felt confused if whether I should feel happy that the person came into terms with the situation or if I should feel sad that someone has to go through something like what he/she is going through. Nonetheless, I felt guilty about how I am not truly appreciating my health and its importance. It resonated with me on a personal level since I also have some difficulties I need to overcome.”

This encouraged Bicaldo to be more cautious of his actions by acting wisely and becoming more firm with his major decisions, which he believes would help him improve.

“A lack of action on my part would only leave a bad taste in my mouth since someone who is in a worse situation is fighting harder in order to find their happiness despite the circumstances,” he concludes.

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