READ: Tacloban City Government Sends Heartfelt Letter to the People of France

READ Tacloban City Government Sends Condolences to the People of France

After the series of Paris shootings that led to at least 128 dead, the world showed its support by lighting national landmarks in the French flag’s colors of blue, white, and red. Countries from as far as Australia, Canada, the US, and Brazil showed their support after the horrific crimes that happened last Friday. Even the Philippines showed their support by lighting the Rizal Monument in the city of Manila in the French colors.

Now, even the city of Tacloban is sending their condolences. Unlike bigger cities that showed their support through lights, Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez opted to write a heartfelt letter to the people of France. In the letter, Mayor Romualdez said that France was one of the first countries to help their city when Typhoon Haiyan hit the city and killed over 3,000 people.

Read the full letter below:

On my behalf and of my family, together with the people of Tacloban, kindly receive our profound condolences for the tragic events in Paris last Friday the 13th. We mourn with you the loss of many lives and your sadness is in our hearts, even as we strongly condemn the acts of terrorism that proliferate with impunity in our midst.

France has been one of the first countries that came to immediately help us when the super storm Haiyan hit our city and killed over three thousand of our citizens. We are perpetually grateful for your compassion and support as generations after us will remember all that you have done to make us rise from the devastating calamity we experienced.

Receive our continuing gratitude as we join hands with you at this moment of grief, with the prayer that the power of goodness and God’s mercy will guide us towards the threshold of peace for all of humanity.

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