READ: Netizen Shares Reason Why You Shouldn’t Text While Driving

READ Netizen Shares Reason Why You Shouldn't Text While Driving

The Philippines is the social media capital and the texting capital of the world, while Makati holds the record for the selfie capital of the world. It’s safe to say that Filipinos are addicted to their smartphones. But when should we stop using it? Is it when we’re walking, like how this ad publicly shamed those texting while walking? Or texting while driving?

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t text while you’re driving, but people stubbornly do it. In 2011, the MMARAS (Metro Manila Accident Recording Analysis Sytem) suspects that 73,829 of the 77,110 cases of road accidents were due to cellphone use.

If you need a story to help you stop the habit, read Susan Shain’s account below. She shares on Facebook how her boyfriend died in a car accident, which she feels was because of cellphone use.

According to Susan:

Nearly five months ago, my boyfriend died in a car accident. Bob was 29 years old — and so full of life and laughter that it is nearly impossible to imagine him dead. Though we’ll never know exactly what happened that day, it might’ve had something to do with his cell phone.

Whatever the cause, the point remains the same: it could’ve been — it could be — any of us. We’ve all been guilty of using our phone when we shouldn’t.

So if you need a New Year’s resolution, please consider this one: stop using your phone while driving.

That means no texting (not even voice-to-text) no snapping (even if you are really good at singing to the radio), no fiddling with the music (set it and forget it), and no looking up directions (if you need GPS, use a dash mount and enter your destination while parked).

Why? Because it’s not worth it. It wasn’t worth the love of my life — it’s not worth any lives.

If you have something important to text or say, make sure to park first. You’re not only endangering yourself when you use your phone, but the people around you.

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