READ: Netizen Shares Heartwarming Story about an Honest Cab Driver

Filipinos are naturally known as honest, talented, gullible, and loving. Such is the cab driver that didn’t think twice about returning the lost phone of his passenger. The uplifting story about the honest cab driver emerged online after James Deakin shared it on his Facebook page.

According to the caption, the story was shared by Joyce Regino and had asked Mr. Deakin to spread the inspiring story. As stated, the passenger rode a cab from their home to the UV terminal in Bicutan going to Ayala. When she checked her blazer pocket, her cellphone was gone. So, she asked her colleague to ring the phone and luckily, the driver picked it up and returned the phone to the owner.

Read the full story below:

Hi James. I hope you can share this.

I just have to share my experience this morning.

I rode a cab from home to the UV terminal in Bicutan going to Ayala. When I checked my blazer pocket, my cellphone (iphone6s) is gone. I checked on the side and under my seat but there’s no cellphone on sight. I prayed hoping that I left it on the cab and the driver would have returned it at home. It was about 45mins ride before I got to the office. I asked my colleague to call my no. to check if it’s still ringing. Fortunately, the cab driver answered my call. He’s already in BGC and I asked him if he can bring back my phone in Ayala Makati. I told him I will pay for the taxi fare that would cost him getting back to my office. After about an hour, he texted my workmate that he is already across the street. I thanked him for making the effort to bring it back. I paid for the fare and a gave him a little more. He refuses to take it but I insisted since it’s the least that I can do. I asked if I can take his picture so I can it share it.

honest cab driver

He was hesitant and avoided to look at the camera. I just asked for his name and showed me his ID. He even gave me a pamphlet of Jehovah’s Witness. I tried searching for him in Facebook but I guess he doesn’t have an account. So do me a favor and please share this and maybe it will reach him or his boss and be commended for his integrity. #RodolfoLaqui#HonestDriver quoting #ebay#PeopleAreBasicallyGood
#ThankGod #HopeForHumanity

I love her hashtags, though. #PeopleAreBasicallyGood. I totally agree – people are naturally giving. It’s just that sometimes, we inadvertently commit mistakes.

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