READ: Lolo continues to spread happiness through serving taho despite his age

Words by: Kiana Palacios

Every Filipino knows that inherent joy when you’re able to grab the attention of a passing taho-vendor on the streets. Taho is a Philippine treat made of tofu, a sweet syrup, and sago. The Philippines has made several variations of taho, including one made of strawberry syrup in Baguio, where they are known for their delicious strawberries. Taho is truly a vital part of Filipino snack culture.

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Strawberry Taho | Photo from Makan pa MORE

Taho-vendors, in essence, continuously prove to be hard workers. Not only are they able to carry two aluminum buckets with only a bamboo stick for support, walking in the scorching Philippine heat, but they also have to personally fix the tofu and taho themselves. This is to ensure that the quality of the taho they serve is nothing but the freshest and the best for their customers. The aluminum serves as an isolator of heat, one proof that the taho is in fact prepared at the start of every day due to how hot the tofu is able to stay despite being in its container for a whole day.

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Despite the struggles, one cannot deny that feeling of warmth that is brought by every cup of taho. One vendor, in particular, has caught the attention of many customers. Mang Felix offers his services of providing taho no matter the event–birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, festival outreaches, you name it.

Mang Felix lives near UST. Usually, if he has no events scheduled, he would sell taho near the campus. During weddings and events, he makes sure to give guests his paper business cards. Just to make sure everyone knows his contact details while serving, he makes a laminated sign with his contact details printed around his neck. Working alongside other vendors and sellers, he enjoys asking them about themselves and even discussing business strategies!

Mang Felix has worked with Arwa’s Handcrafted Ice Cream on several occasions and on a Facebook post by Arwa’s dated March 8th, they have vouched for Mang Felix’s work ethic, hoping to spread the word to find more customers for Mang Felix. Additionally, they testified for his enjoyment with his work. He’s cheery and polite, even to people younger than him. He always makes sure to look neat and only requires a chair to sit in during events to serve his taho. With rates starting at 4000 PHP for 100 cups, inclusive of transport and mobility charge, Mang Felix is guaranteed to make your parties and events “extra special” with his special taho. Being greeted by a great smiling face when being served the taho is only a bonus!

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Photos from Sir Ted Amper via Arwa’s Handcrafted Ice Cream Facebook Page 

You can contact and book Mang Felix for your events by referring to the following contact number:

Mang Felix’s Taho

Contact No.: 0916 937 8071