The Story of These Street Vendors and Their Dogs Will Cheer You Up

Photos and videos by Zelina Rae Danao

The world is full of good and wonderful things, but we oftentimes get caught up in all of the negative stuff that we stop noticing them. Thankfully, leadership trainer Zelina Rae Danao noticed a spot of warmth and beauty amidst the crush of Manila and shared it with us:

Read the full text below:

This is Chiqui, and her baby Bullet. She’s been living with Nanay and Tatay (who is not in the pics but will be added soon) for about 7-8 years now.

Nanay and Tatay don’t have that much, but I always see them giving everything they can to their baby Chiqui. When people bring them food, they make sure the dogs get their share straight away. The fur babies get to eat even before the owners do.

Even if they can’t “afford” to take care of their dogs (take them to the vet for regular check-ups, but them quality dog food, etc) they do what they can anyway.

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So what kind of fur parents does that make them?

Compassionate. It makes them compassionate. And this little family is proof that you don’t need to be well-off to take good care of your pets. You just need a big heart.

P.S.: if you would like to help Nanay and Tatay out, or just visit Chiqui (who is insanely friendly), you can find them selling candy and cigarettes daily, and their little stall is right next to 8065 Bagnet on Leon Guinto St, near Benilde. (Also, Chiqui and Bullet loooove bread. ?)

While in Manila, Zelina passed the family almost daily on her way home. She was inspired to share their story because “they just have sooo much love to offer,” she told me through chat.

It wasn’t just Zelina who was inspired, though. A group of her friends pledged and donated for their vaccination and spaying/neutering. The doggos will be brought to a vet clinic as soon as transport is arranged. If you would like to help the family, too, please get in touch with Zelina’s friend Thea Maceda at 09175368899. (Zelina is in Cebu right now.)

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