READ: Let’s Help Find These Kids Who Did a Mini “Spoken Word Poetry” Concert Inside a Jeepney

Are you tired of seeing negative stuff online? Well, this one will make you smile. Thanks to Freestyle Mommy!

Spoken word poetry kids

Photo courtesy of Freestyle Mommy

Not all great talents are found on reality shows. Oftentimes, we find them trending online or in the streets dancing, singing, letting everyone know they got it too.

Similar to these kids who showcased their talent in spoken word poetry inside the Jeepney.

Spoken word poetry kids

Photo courtesy of Freestyle Mommy

According to Czyka of Freestyle Mommy, she met these kids inside a jeep where they handed out envelopes for money. She wasn’t going to pay attention nor give money, but these two boys started to rap a song that resonated her. She knew she had to help them, so she got off and spoke to the boys in the “gutters of E.Rodriguez.” She asked them the title of their jam and they said: “Pangarap.” (Dream or Ambition)

Here’s the story in verbatim:

I don’t usually give money to kids who hand out envelopes inside the jeep. But these two boys started to rap a song that resonated with me. It goes like this: “SABAY NATIN BAGUHIN ANG GUHIT NG KAPALARAN. MANGARAP KA. ABUTIN LAHAT NG GUSTO. KAHIT NA MAHIRAP AY KAKAYANIN KO.” I initially took a photo of them from behind, and recorded their mini “concert” in secret because someone might grab my phone. I don’t know what got into me, but I went down when they did. Their spoken word put my stressed mind into a hopeful trance. I had to speak with them. I had to hear them sing again.

I introduced myself to the two boys in the gutters of E. Rodriguez, and told them that I think their song is beautiful. I asked for the title of their jam. They said it’s “Pangarap.” Apparently, it’s a popular song. I asked them if they can sing it on Sophie’s birthday. They said yes. I gave them my details on a blue post-it and told them to get in touch with me ASAP. I gave them a few bucks after saying goodbye.

Wish I was able to take a decent video of them singing, but my phone ran out of battery after I took another photo of them in the street.

It’s been more than a week since I last saw them. They haven’t called or texted me yet. Hopefully, this post reaches them or anyone who knows them so they can share their song to other kids on Sophie’s birthday, and visit Mind Museum to learn science in a cool way.

Help me find them! #CHASINGTWODREAMERS

When In Manila, great talents are always expected. Let’s help Freestyle Mommy locate these kids so we can give them a good break!

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