READ: Achieve The Orange & Teal Edit With This Easy Tutorial

Aside from the well-known neon edit and millennial pink feed, here’s another color grade trend that’s making waves lately. The “Orange and Teal” edit has moved from the movie screen to our Instagram timelines as more and more people are getting hooked at this look.

If you want to make the color of the seas pop and add an extra sun-kissed glow to your morena skin, the Orange and Teal edit is exactly for you. No worries, you can totally achieve the look in about two minutes! Thanks to this amazing tutorial made by Emmanuel Fos, we can now easily amp up our Instagram game in no time!

Before we proceed, make sure to download Lightroom Mobile on your phones. Fret not, it’s free! Watch the tutorial here:

Go on and have that curated feed we know you’ve been wishing for! Tag us on your photos and use #wheninmanila!

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