READ: 8 Self-Care Activities That Will Change Your Life

As young adults struggling to make it in the real world, we know that it’s difficult to keep up with your bedtime rituals and all that when you just really wanna drift off before another exhausting workday. We get it, it’s tough.

But hey, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your physical, mental and emotional well-being for anything else. These 8 self-care activities, when done consistently, will help you achieve a happi life.

8. Skin Care Routine

If you can’t go as far as applying night serums and other essential oils, then will you just please do yourself a favor and wash that face before hitting the sack? With all the dirt and dust you’ve accumulated throughout the day, leaving it on your skin overnight is clearly begging for an acne breakout.

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7. Decluttering

Life is too short to surround yourself with things that no longer spark joy. Why keep something in your life that keeps you from being happy? Be it clothes, people or even your job, it’s time to let go and make space for better ones.

6. Moving

It’s true what they say about endorphins. Jumpstart your day and get the positive vibes rolling by doing a quick run or a few squats. A few minutes of cardio makes a huge difference than slouching in your office chair for the whole day.


5. Sleeping

Girl, you go get that sleep. You deserve it after a long day of braving the world. Those emails can wait but your body needs the time to recuperate and prepare for tomorrow.

4. Healthy eating

The secret to looking good and feeling good isn’t actually a secret. Yup, it’s eating healthy and smart in proper amount that your body needs. Good thing, The GoodBox PH delivers healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals made from naturally-grown and fed produce right at your doorstep. From calorie-controlled to special diet programs, they’ll help you achieve your fitness goals without the fuss.

Time to swap unhealthy processed food and sugary drinks for healthier choices that will make you feel good inside and out! Learn more about them here.

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3. Staying out of social media

We love social media but sometimes, it’s best not to snap and tweet everything. Enjoy the moment and be present. Listen to other people’s stories face to face, appreciate the amazing view around you using your naked eyes, and just experience the world with your senses and not your gadgets’ screens.

2. Self-Pampering

A nice bath using your favorite body wash or a warm chamomile tea while having your nails done are great ideas that you should try. After a long week, reward yourself with a little “me” time and enjoy that much-needed home spa session.


1. Fun with family and friends

Despite all the errands and to-do’s, make sure to spend time with your family and friends. Having a good laugh with them and knowing that your solid support group will love you no matter what happens makes all these mundane adulting tasks worth it.

What are your self-care habits? Tell us in the comments!