READ: 5 Activities That Are Way Better Than Getting Back With Your Ex

Instead of dwelling in the past and trying to get back with what you lost, why don’t you move forward and try something new? Even if new is not always something better, it sure beats liars and cheaters.

Here are a few activities that are worth your time rather than getting back with your ex.

5. Volunteer for CARA

Dedicating your time in helping poor animals in the streets to get food and find shelter is way more productive than stalking your ex’s social media accounts just to know how he is up to.

4. Make a Mandala Flower Art

Time to put down that picture that you took of him in a carnival fair you visited sometime ago. Instead, bring out the artist in you and brighten up your room with some flower mandala art. It’s really easy and the process is relaxing.

3. Learn an Online Skill

One way to forget about the past is to look into your future. Learning an online skill may help you with your finances because of the extra cash you can earn from your new side hustle. It’s also a plus in your resume!

2. Create a Mood Board

Fuel your creativity by creating a mood board for all your thoughts. Next thing you know, you might find something you’re truly passionate about and forget him altogether. A mood board also keeps you inspired and motivated to pursue your goals and fulfill your dreams. 

1. Try Easy-Peasy Dessert Recipes

Cook something that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Try looking up easy dessert recipes and treat them to an afternoon snack. After all, they deserve it for giving you advice and a shoulder to cry on when you weren’t at your best. Graham balls, Wicked Oreos and some homemade poptails are some of your fuss-free options.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments.


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