LOOK: Stray Cats Sleep On Warm Lights & Cuddle Together To Stay Comfy

The rainy weather and cold season is upon us.

No doubt that going to and from work has been incredibly challenging these past few days. But hey, have you ever stopped to wonder that if a person like you with a decent house and enough resources finds it difficult to go on with your daily routines, what more for homeless animals out there?

A couple of days ago, CARA volunteer, spotted these poor souls in High Street, BGC. In order to keep up with the weather and make themselves comfortable despite the cold night air, these homeless cats sleep on top of warm lights and cuddle together. Good thing, a couple of other concerned animal lovers are out there to look after them.

Stray Cats Warm Lights 1

Stray Cats Warm Lights 2

Stray Cats Warm Lights 3

Stray Cats Warm Lights 4

We do hope that if you ever see a stray animal in need, you can rescue, adopt or foster them. Giving them food and water would be a great help, too. If you wish to donate anything for the spay and neuter procedures of these cats, kindly contact CARA Welfare Philippines here.

Share a photo of your adopted/rescued pet in the comments!