A Model To Look Up To: Animal Lover Takes Care Of Homeless Cats

She’s not your typical model.

Aside from gracing magazine pages and events with her poise, her love for homeless animals makes her a model with beauty that radiates inside out.

Sheila Snow started modeling in 2013 when she was still in college. Despite being in love with her career and enjoying her time in the company she’s working for, she shared that she resigned just recently. “There is this feeling of “My life is not enough”. I’ve been wanting to do what I am really passionate about. One of them is helping animals in need.”, she added.

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Being a CARA volunteer, a pawrent to several rescued and adopted pets, and an animal lover by heart, she cares about homeless cats so much that she would actually brave the rain in her pink boots just to help them out. She shared that she has been feeding around 25 stray cats in High Street and Forbestown, BGC since April and that it has already been her daily routine before going to the gym.

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When asked why she cares, she answered, “I really do care not just for the cats but for the dogs as well who are just roaming around BGC. Some have scratches and wounds. Most of the cats aren’t spayed/neutered. Some of them look malnourished too. I never really cared about cats that much when I was a kid. I found them cute and fluffy and that was it. But as an adult, I want to be more responsible. Doesn’t mean I need to get paid just to help others in need. If you really care, you will do everything in your power even if you don’t get anything in return. That is what happiness really means to me. I just don’t cry and say aww because animals look kawawa.”

Sheila also added that she believes that Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) is very important. “Let’s say, if mommy cat gets pregnant and gives birth to 4 or more kittens on the street. There’s a chance of overpopulation. I want to educate people that we are sustaining life here and we can’t afford to see more cats or dogs on the street hungry and thirsty and no one wants to adopt/foster them.”, she said.

Indeed, Sheila Snow is a role model to look up to.

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