Raising Awareness Against Animal Cruelty: Puppy Victim of Hit and Run

We’ve been hearing more and more stories of hit and run victims. Regardless of the age, gender and even species, we believe each deserves justice.

Just yesterday, Jane L. witnessed a hit and run in the streets of Quiapo, Manila. The victim? A helpless little puppy. Read her story below.

Puppy Hit and RUn

“I saw this happened today while walking in the streets of Raon.

I heard a poor dog crying and wailing because he was hit by an irresponsible driver and owner.
Everyone was silent because these guys think it’s just ok to ran over a dog and go. The dog couldn’t even walk he had some blood and his feet was fractured, I feel like that dog waited for me to confront the owner and take this photo just so at least they could own up to their actions.
I mustered the courage to walk up to the owner and ask.
Kuya anong nangyari sa aso? Anong ginawa niyo? Sagot niya naglakad daw ang aso sa ilalim. So nasagasaan nila, Sa isip ko ang aso napaka sensitive alam niya if may sasakyan tumatabi, sabi ko so anong plano niyo? Responsibilidad niyo yan dapat pagamot niyo ang aso. Sagot niya hindi namin kasalanan tumabi na kayo kasi baka mag traffic pa. Hindi man lang kayo naawa. Yung mama sa tabi ko whispered kahit na ano pa yan sana maging makatao pa din kayo.

Para po sa lahat ng nagtatanong i tried to rescue and bring the dog sana to the nearest vet pero sabi ng mga tao wag kong hawakan dahil baka mangagat yung aso dahil in pain siya. I tried my best to get the dog out of that place so please stop blaming and judging that i didn’t do my part.

I got my camera and the dog manage to leave went after the dog but since he was hurting and crying the people told me to let him recuperate there.
Whoever owns this car you know who you are. This poor dog that you hit is helplessly crying for help and you never even offer to help the dog. What would you do if this happens to your dog or to any member of your family? I hope you’ll learn your lesson.
This post was meant to educate drivers, even dog owners and not meant to be a blaming circus.

Feel free to share.

P.S. When re sharing or re posting my only request is that let’s not wish anything bad for these people, what we only want is justice and lesson for this poor dog, but wishing bad things to happen to them doesn’t make us any better. Let’s not kill them with our words. Thank you

Please note the last paragraph of the person who posted this. The main goal in sharing this photo is to educate more motorists. These animals are just like young children, they are not yet knowledgeable enough to know the dangers of the road. Please take extra caution when driving to avoid accidents like this. Every life deserves respect.

What do you guys think of this?


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