Rags2Riches lauches their Spring/Summer Collection

When In Manila the in-trend bags now are those who support sustainable fashion or eco-fashion. Rags2Riches or RIIR is one of the brand who advocates of being stylish yet helping the environment. They recently launched their Spring/Summer collection entitled ‘Newel‘.



Style, substance, and sustainability are fused in the newest collection presented by Rags2Riches. Considered as one of the prime movers when it comes to sustainable fashion, or as what RIIR calls ‘eco-ethical fashion’, their new collections is inspired by the intricate designs and unique weaves of the Tinalak. The collection is called “Newel,” which means “weave” in T’boli. The new collection aims to show the co-existence of three distinct elements to create an elegant masterpiece:  style, substance, and sustainability. The first line of bags solely designed by RIIR, the collection brings forward intricately designed pieces to fit the style of the modern, fashion-forward RIIR woman.

“Rags2Riches’s Spring Summer Collection is a stylish innovation. Utilizing the Tinalak, an indigenous weaving technique that is inspired by dreams, myths and beliefs, RIIR’s newest collection is dedicated to the RIIR woman who is a person with substance and unique style,” shared Joe Mark Pardiňas, Sales and Marketing Manager for Rags2Riches. 

Kulon Clutch

Rags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Kulon Clutch

Ofi Clutch

Rags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Ofi Clutch

Kenmu Clutch

Rags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Kenmu Clutch

The new collection boasts of vibrant and exquisite pieces like the Hedem Hobo Bag dubbed “The Thinking Woman” in Tiboli. Other must-haves include the Ofi Clutch (fire), the Kena Hobo Bag (dream) The Kulon Clutch (rain), the Kenmu Clutch (fist) and the Benwu Tote Bag (world). Every creation is sure to catch the eye with its versatility, splash of sumptuous colors and ingenious patterns.

Not to mention the versatility of the design that would make all stylish ladies go loco to have it. I personally like the use of the Tinalak as the main design aesthetic, knowing that our native fabric making is on its express way to becoming extinct Rags2Riches is actully helping in preserving this cultural heritage. 

Benwu Tote

Rags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Benwu Tote

Hedem Hobo Bag

Rags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Hadem Hobo Tote

Kena ToteRags2Riches’ Newel Collection: Kena Tote


Coinciding with the launch of its Spring Summer Collection, RIIR also unveiled its new style advocate, Bianca Gonzalez. A well-known celebrity and fashion aficionado, Bianca is a woman that personifies the RIIR woman: empowered, passionate, and compassionate. “We believe that Bianca Gonzalez is the epitome of a RIIR woman, someone who personifies the values that we uphold and seek to promote with every unique RIIR creation,” Pardiňas added.

Bianca Gonzalez and the R2R ArtisansRags2Riches style advocate Bianca Gonzales with the artisans who makes the stylish bags of RIIR.

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Bianca Gonzalez, Rajo Laurel

Rags2Riches CEO and President Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, RIIR style advocate Bianca Gonzalez and fashion designer Rajo Laurel.


Rags2Riches: NEWEL

Rags2Riches products are available in RIIR website and other partner retailers.

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Rags2Riches lauches their Spring/Summer Collection