WATCH: Radha, Frenchie Dy, and Bituin Escalante Sing Why It’s Important for Ladies to Treat Themselves this Season

“I am beautiful. I deserve it. I super deserve it.”

In this cheerful holiday video with Radha, Frenchie Dy, and Bituin Escalante, the beautiful and confident divas sing their way through a holiday song that talks about why ladies should treat themselves this Christmas…with fashion.

The state of fashion has greatly evolved over the last few years. We are no longer constrained to fashion’s little rules, and women are no longer afraid to enjoy themselves, express, and wear whatever they want and be proud of it.

And that is exactly what SM Woman Plus stands for.

In line with their latest collection, SM Woman Plus has gathered three confident, beautiful, fun, and passionate women that perfectly embody their beliefs. Flaunting the brand’s most trend-driven and size-inclusive designs yet, tune into a state of body positivity with Radha, Frenchie Dy, and Bituin Escalante as they jingle their way onto the airwaves while donning chic designs that satisfy every wardrobe want. Match these latest styles with a boost of confidence, and you’re good to go. ‘Cause, really, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s owning it.

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