R.L. Stine Has a New “Goosebumps” Book Starring Slappy the Dummy!

Nineties kids will remember R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, a series of children’s horror novellas. One of its most prominent characters was Slappy the Dummy, the terrifying villain from the Night of the Living Dummy saga and the Goosebumps movie. Slappy is back to scare readers again as he will return for a new book!

R.L. Stine announced on Twitter that the dummy will return for Slappyworld. He shared a photo of the cover, which has “I am Slappy’s evil twin” written on it. Now if Slappy is already evil, imagine how evil his “evil twin” is!

According to the tweet, the new novel will come out “in a few weeks.”

Goosebumps  is composed of 181 books (including spinoffs) following children in horrific situations, including dealing with an evil dummy, a monster lurking in the forest of a camp, and a werewolf living in a swamp. It was so successful that it sold a million copies just a month after it was released. In 1996, it accounted 15% of publisher Scholastic’s sales, becoming the brand’s bestselling children’s book series of all time. When the series’ sales slumped in 1997, Scholastic’s sales dropped 40%.


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