Quezon City LGBTQIA+ Couples “Prepose” to Each Other With Right to Care Card

LGBTQIA+ couples residing in Quezon City declared their commitment to each other by “preposing”—thanks to the Right to Care Card!

The Right to Care Card was launched in June 2023, which gives LGBTQIA+ couples in Quezon City the right to make health-related decisions for each other since they’re not considered next-of-kin during medical emergencies.

This Special Power of Attorney card allows them to have authority over their partner’s health as if they held the power of a civil marriage contract.

Right to Care Card

Several LGBTQIA+ couples took the chance to make “preposals” with the use of the Right to Care Card. Mirroring the typical prenup videos, LGBTQIA+ couples shared heartwarming videos of how they preposed to their partners.

One of them is Rea Leen, who posted the preposal video of her long-term partner and expressed gratitude to Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte for giving them an opportunity to do this.

For [those] outside Quezon City, I hope your city will have this too soon, and maybe in entire Philippines. Let’s spread love and enjoy!” she shared.

Winch, who also shared their preposal to their partner, Anne, emphasized how important the Right to Care Card to the LGBTQIA+ couples.

“Isa itong malaking step para sa lahat ng LGBT couples na magkaroon ng karapatang legal na maalagaan ang aming mga partners,” they captioned their post.

@kain.mars Aalagaan kita habang buhay. 🥰 Salamat sa @The Right to Care Card and @Quezon City Government para sa initiative na to. Isa itong malaking step para sa lahat ng lgbt couples na magkaroon ng karapatang legal na maalagaan ang aming mga partners. #righttocarecard #lgbtcouples #quezoncity #fyp #lgbt🌈 #foryoupage #WinchToGo #theANNEventurer ♬ original sound – Kain Mars!

Both couples also attended the fourth iteration of Quezon City’s commitment ceremony, with over 200 LGBTQIA+ couples participating. Belmonte reiterated during the ceremony that this is a way to fulfill the city’s promises as it passed the Gender-Fair Ordinance a decade ago.

During the ceremony, 15 couples were the first ones to officially receive their Right to Care Cards since the registration in 2023. Quezon City’s Gender and Development Office announced that more will be distributed soon, but those who have not yet received their card may show their copy of the Special Power of Attorney contracts at hospitals.

As of February 2024, over 700 LGBTQIA+ couples have signed up for the Right to Care Card, which can be registered via the Quezon City Gender and Development Council office or bit.ly/RightToCareReg.