quaRUN!tine: Busting Zombies’ Butts and Saving Lives All In One

quaRUN!tine: Busting Zombies’ Butts and Saving Lives All In Onemodified-2


Zombies are the fancy of people evidenced by the plethora of zombie-themed movies, shows and games in society. The imagination of both the young and the old are captivated by these lifeless and blood thirsty creatures.

However zombies are purely fictional and exist only in our minds. Or do they?

On September 27, 2013, a Biology professor at the Ateneo de Manila University by the name of Dr. IBE accidentally synthesized a flesh eating pathogen known as the Ikaze virus.

In a span of a year, the Ikaze virus has spread like wildfire in the Loyola Schools campus and will inevitably spread outside the confines of the Ateneo. It’s been close to a year since the infection began and the pathogen will only continue to get stronger and infect more people if it is not put to an end.

A group of students are currently crafting a strategy of combating the infection but they need your help. Upon careful study of the Ikaze virus under the microscope, they found out that the only way of eliminating the pathogen from the bloodstream is by injecting a combination of the Ikaze pathogen and human sweat.

Come out and join the battle against the zombies and put an end to this catastrophe in quaRUN!tine, a fun run in the Ateneo de Manila Campus, on October 4, 2014 from 6-9 P.M.

Run like there’s no tomorrow and shout at the top of your lungs as you and your friends try to escape from the walking dead and find your way out alive.

Don’t hold back!

Aside from eradicating the zombie population in the Ateneo, your participation in this event will generate proceeds for the Philippine National Red Cross, funds that they’ll use to find solutions to the real diseases that afflict our fellow Filipinos.

Tickets may be availed by contacting Enzo Aycardo at 09273058575 or visit facebook.com/quarantine. See you there!

by: Enzo Aycardo



quaRUN!tine: Busting Zombies’ Butts and Saving Lives All In One

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