PWR: Vendetta – 5 Reasons Why Vendetta Will Be Legendary




Philippine Wrestling Revolution returns to give Filipino Pro Wrestling fans something to talk about for the rest of the year: PWR: Vendetta! PWR’s first event in the year 2015 will prove to be one of its biggest shows in the company’s history. will list five reasons as to why PWR: Vendetta will be legen…wait for it…dary!

pwr-vendetta-true-storyTrue Story…

PWR Terminus

1. We Will See the New Crop of PWR Talent

PWR is still a young company, there’s no denying that. However, a new crop of PWR wrestlers have come out of the woodworks thanks to the PWR bootcamps. On PWR: Vendetta, we will see those bootcampers strap their boots and step into the PWR Arena. Recent graduates like Mark D. Manalo and John Sebastian (NOT to be confused by Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian) return and will be joined by fellow upstarts such as Ralph Imabayashi, Sandata and Peter Versoza. With the influx of new talent, the future is bright for PWR

PWR Terminus

2. Welcome the PWR Tag Team Division

The arrival of bootcampers such as Dual Shock would only translate to one thing…a PWR Tag Team Division. We already know the alliance of Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo, who will face off against the new tag team dubbed as Dual Shock (Sandata and Versoza). Word is, there’s even more tag teams coming out from the boot camp. Rumors are saying that Mr. Sy’s very own security guards will step into the ring to form a very legitimate duo. At Vendetta, this tag team match might just be the beginning of the PWR Tag Team Division.

PWR Terminus

3. Total Non-Stop…I mean…Hard Hitting Action!

PWR: Vendetta will have the same (if not more) non-stop and hard hitting action inside the PWR arena. With a lot of things at stake such as the PWR championship, there’s no doubt that the PWR wrestlers will give their 110%. The fans at the PWR arena will surely be in for a treat!

PWR Renaissance

4. The Royal Revenge or the Right Stuff?

There’s no denying this statement: Royal Flush is out for blood. After being humiliated at PWR: Terminus, Bryan Leo is eager to give Mayhem some payback. Main Maxx, on the other hand, would love to get his hands on Apocalypse and unleash his own brand of hell on the enigmatic masked man. If we thought the initial trio of the Royal Flush was deadly, the addition of Main Maxx to the stable just made them 10 times more dangerous. However, this writer doubts that Mayhem and Apocalypse will be intimidated. In fact, this tag team contest might be an all out war that both parties will look forward to. Right? RIGHT!


5. One Step Closer to the PWR Championship

PWR History will be at made as four of PWR’s biggest stars collide in 2 #1 contendership matches for the PWR Championship. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon will take on Chris Panzer while Bombay Suarez (a.k.a. the Heart and Soul of PWR) will fight “The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren. These four men, willing or not, shall shape the future of the PWR. Whoever will win will be one step closer to becoming the FIRST PWR Champion.  The stakes are high and we’re excited to see all four men step up their game to claim it all.

Those are our five reasons why you should watch PWR: Vendetta. To all my fellow Pinoy Pro-Wrestling fans, the time has come for us to gather at the PWR once more and witness history. At PWR: Vendetta, it’s not only PWR history that will be made, but also the Philippine Pro Wrestling industry itself.



Catch PWR: Vendetta on February 21, 2015, 6:00PM, at the PWR Arena (Makati Square Arena in Makati Cinema Square). Tickets are at 250php. Check out PWR’s official FB page for more info.

See you there!

WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Martin Vicencio


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