PWR Renaissance – Preview and Predictions


When in Manila and the rest of the professional wrestling fans in the Philippines are in bated breath for tomorrow’s event of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution: Renaissance!

But before one of PWR’s hottest events of 2015, Wheninmanila.com is here give you a little preview of what’s to come. Mr. Hub Pacheco and I (plus a couple of other PWR fans) will weigh in and give our thoughts on who will be the winners at PWR Renaissance.


Scheduled Matches


PWR-Renaissance-Dual Shock-vs-Fighters-4-Hire

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Dual Shock (SANDATA and Peter Versoza) vs Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miggy Rosales)


Two of PWR’s top tag teams will collide yet again. This time, they will be in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Dual Shock has been in a bit of a funk, losing matches left and right. Will PWR Renaissance be their personal renaissance and net them their first win? Will Joey Bax and Miggy Rosales conquer the team of Dual Shock? Are SANDATA and Peter Versoza on the same page? All these questions will be answered in this very interesting matchup.

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion


Hub: It was refreshing to see these tag teams perform as singles wrestlers in the last show but I’m looking at Dual Shock proving that they are the better tag team.

Martin: I loved how all four men showed the PWR audience last PWR Live that they can battle in singles competition. Peter Versoza stole the show with Ralph Imabayashi in their encounter. However, in terms of cohesion, it seems like Fighters 4 Hire have the advantage and will once again come out on top. If the PWR Press Conference last week was a sign, this might be Dual Shock’s last hurrah before they implode and go on to singles competition. Am I overanalyzing the absence of Mr. Versoza during the online press conference? Maybe I am. However, think about it, how come he wasn’t there backing up SANDATA as if he had somewhere more important to go to (like the very first Asia Pop Comicon!)?



John Sebastian vs. Bombay Suarez (No Holds Barred Match)

The bitter feud between John Sebastian and Bombay Suarez will come to a collision course in Renaissance with both men fighting in a No Holds Barred Match. Bombay Suarez seems to have the upper hand in this match as he is so used to this stipulation. Add to the fact that Mr. Sy has banned any members of the Royal Flush from ringside, you got yourself a sure win for the B*tch Killer. However, you shouldn’t count out the Jack of All Trades as John Sebastian can strike anytime and extend his winning streak at PWR Renaissance.



Hub: Lightning won’t strike in the same place twice so I’m looking forward to John Sebastian getting his comeuppance against Bombay here. Bombay for the win.

Martin: I appreciate the development of John Sebastian’s character and his win streak over the past few shows. However, Mr. Sebastian, your win streak ends here. Bombay Suarez will win because this is a very favorable environment for the B*tch Killer.


PHX Championship Tournament


PHX Championship Semi-Final Match: Mayhem Brannigan vs Chris Panzer

Two best friends will step into the ring and duke it out. Will the leader of the Panzer Army win out and make it to the finals? Or will the masked vigilante make things RIGHT and charge his way to the final two? It’s the battle of two of PWR’s top-rising stars and it will be one for the ages!



Hub: I’m rooting for Chris Panzer in this battle between friends. Mayhem will be Mayhem as usual but Panzer will outmaneuver him in the end.

Dino R: I think Mayhem gets this matchup.

Martin: I’ll go with Chris Panzer. The two friends will fight a good fight but at one point or another Mayhem might go off one bit too far and get himself disqualified. If not a DQ win, Panzer might strike out of nowhere with his patented Panzerschreck and get the pinfall victory.

Antonio S: Mayhem. He’s too hardcore a badass to allow himself to lose here. Plus, don’t forget he’s still the only one who really gives Bryan Leo fits.


PHX Championship Semi-Final Match: Ralph Imabayashi vs Ken Warren

The Japanese Sensation faces the Social Media Sinister. It’s a battle of two worlds in this matchup. The height jokes have ended, and both men know that it’s time to get serious. Will the underdog story of Ralph Imabayashi prevail and push him to the finals? Will Ken Warren finally shut down the competition and prove he is THE MAN? We will find out tomorrow.


PWR-Renaissance-Preview and Predictions-Ken Warren


Martin: I loved the clash between Imabayashi and Peter V last PWR Live. I’m pretty sure I’ve been raving about this since the first part of this writeup. However, Ralph’s talent and relentlessness will not overcome Ken Warren. Why? Let’s just say Ken Warren will win because he is a very crafty and cerebral competitor.

Dino R: Ralph Imabayashi wins.

Hub: The Japanese sensation will again surprise a lot of people as he did in his match with Peter Versoza but I believe that Ken Warren will come out on top.

Antonio S: Ken Warren wins this. He always seems to have some tricks up his sleeve…


PHX Championship Finals Predictions:

Hub: Warren vs Panzer: Wouldn’t it be great if the PHX championship tournament came down between two old rivals? Warren and Panzer will put on another classic here and it will be very close, but I think the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren will get a new hardware in the form of the PHX title alongside his trusty smartphone.

Antonio S: Mayhem vs WarrenMayhem will beat Warren because he is too strong willed and tough to be intimidated by the Social Media Sinister. He will find ways around any of Warren’s tricks.

Dino R: Ralph Imabayashi vs Mayhem– I expect the PHX Championship to be on Ralph Imabayashi‘s hands or waist due to sheer talent.

Martin: Warren vs Panzer: The first time they tangled was in the first Renaissance and it would be a fitting match to have for the PHX finals. I agree with Hub that it will be a GREAT idea for both men to be the final 2 for the tournament. However, as big of a Ken Warren fan I am, this night will belong to Chris Panzer. Both men know each other well so this will be a very close match and Panzer will get a very narrow victory either via a rollup or a Panzerschreck out of nowhere.



Classical Bryan Leo (c) vs Jake De Leon vs The Apocalypse

The main event for PWR Renaissance will feature the PWR Champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo defending his belt against two versatile competitors. His first challenger comes in a form of a familiar foe in “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. These two have clashed on numerous occasions and JDL is looking poised to get the PWR title belt back. The second challenger is also a familiar face, but one that is masked and motivated to not only get the gold but to also destroy the opposition. The Apocalypse has been on a tear since PWR Live and at Renaissance, he seems ready to continue his path of rage and win it all. The question is, will Bryan Leo have what it takes to hold on to the gold or will one of the challengers win the match and be the NEW PWR Champ?


Antonio S: Apocalypse. Why? Just for the sake of mixing it all up!

Hub: It’ll be interesting to see how the addition of the Apocalypse will play out into the mix. It’ll be a slower-paced match but I think The Senyorito can find a way to pull off a win and finally be the PWR champion again.

Martin: I’m in the notion that while the Apocalypse will be a huge threat in this match, Bryan Leo will somehow pull away ANOTHER victory and retain his title. It may come with the assistance of the Royal Flush or someone else, but the man hailing from a First World Country will still be the PWR Champ once the night is over.

Dino R: The main event at #PWRRenaissance is going to be wild to the point that it’s going to be unpredictable! You’ll never know when The Apocalypse suddenly gets handy with his crowbar, or if The Classical Bryan Leo has his brother-in-arms John Sebastian or even the sweet, sweet, Scarlett tip the scales to his favor. But as an Amigo, my heart will definitely cheer on The Senyorito, JDL to regain the PWR Championship.


And that’s our predictions for tomorrow’s PWR event. How about you? Who are YOUR picks to win at PWR Renaissance? Hit us up on the comments section below.


WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco