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On September 27, 2014, Philippine Wrestling Revolution held their inaugural event in Makati Cinema Square and this event made their presence known in the country and brought professional wrestling back to light. This event was aptly named “Renaissance” to signify the rebirth of professional wrestling here in the Philippines. Now, one year later, on September 26, 2015, PWR will be bringing back Renaissance to Makati Cinema Square and you can bet that this event will be bigger and better than before. Although this is the second Renaissance event, it will be bringing in a lot of firsts along with all the throwbacks that are bound to happen. Here’s what’s in store for you on September 26 at PWR Renaissance.


PWR Pre-Show:

A concept that was introduced in their last event, PWR Live, Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be once again giving their early bird fans a treat with the PWR Pre-show featuring two bootcamp showcase matches with one including PWR’s resident promdi, Mark D. Manalo. Get to the event early and get a chance to see the up and coming wrestlers of PWR and get to see the bootcamp challenge that Mark D. Manalo never had at PWR Live all thanks to The Apocalypse.

PWR-Renaissance-Dual Shock-vs-Fighters-4-Hire

Dual Shock vs. Fighters 4 Hire [2 out of 3 Falls Match]:

At PWR Renaissance, we will be witnessing the first ever 2 out of 3 falls tag team match between the dynamic pairing of Peter Versoza and SANDATA, a.k.a. Dual Shock, and the no-nonsense duo of Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales, a.k.a. The Fighters 4 Hire. Dual Shock issued this challenge to the Fighters 4 Hire and it took absolutely no time at all for the Fighters to give a reply. In this battle to find out who the best tag team in PWR is, will the Fighters 4 Hire stake their claim on the top spot with their strength and striking or will Dual Shock’s technical prowess and superb athleticism help them seize the win?


Bombay Suarez vs. John Sebastian [No Holds Barred]:

In what will be the biggest throwback to the first PWR Renaissance, PWR’s resident b*tch-killer, Bombay Suarez, will be facing off against the self proclaimed “killer of b*tch-killers”, John Sebastian, in a No Holds Barred grudge match. Bombay Suarez (who is no stranger to No Holds Barred matches) was able to trick Sebastian into participating in this contest and is looking to avenge his loss back at PWR Live against the underhanded upstart. Will the heart and soul of PWR avenge his loss and give John Sebastian his comeuppance or will the Royal Flush’s “Jack of all Trades” once again come out on top against Bombay Suarez?


The debut of the Suplado Show:

The professional wrestling business has had its fair share of controversial talk shows and Philippine Wrestling Revolution is not immune. At PWR Renaissance, we will see the debut of the Suplado Show featuring Mr. Suplado himself, Stanley Chi. Make sure you don’t miss PWR Renaissance to find out just who the Suplado Show’s first ever guest will and just what kinds of hard-hitting questions Mr. Suplado will have for his guest.



The Crowning of the First ever Philippine Hybrid X Champion:

The Philippine Hybrid X division has been a hot topic in the Philippine professional wrestling scene ever since its debut and for good reason. At PWR Live, the quarterfinals of the PHX tournament gave the PWR Revo-nation a huge dose of the high-paced, action-packed hybrid style that comes with this division. At PWR Renaissance, we will witness the continuation of the PHX Tournament and the crowning of this division’s first ever champion.



The first semi-final matchup will feature the leader of the Panzer Army, Chris Panzer, going up against his longtime friend and brother, the always righteous, Mayhem Brannigan, in what will surely be a hard match to predict. The second semi-final matchup will feature the Filipino-Japanese Sensation, Ralph Imabayashi, going up against the Social Media Sinister, Ken Warren, in what fans expect to be a fast-paced and technically proficient match. After the winners of both semi-final matches are established, they will face off against each other in one last match that will finally determine the first ever PHX champion. All four competitors are extremely deserving but only one will come out on top.


“Classical” Bryan Leo (c) vs. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon vs. The Apocalypse

[3-Way Match for the PWR Championship]:

The main event for PWR Renaissance will feature the first ever 3-Way match for the PWR Championship featuring the reigning champ, “Classical” Bryan Leo, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon, and The Apocalypse. Back in PWR Live, Bryan Leo was able to successfully defend the PWR Championship against a very game Jake De Leon but the first-worlder was not satisfied with only retaining his championship. Along with his Royal Flush cohorts, Bryan Leo looked to take out the man from Hacienda De Leon indefinitely by destroying his leg and by ultimately trying to break his neck.

Just as the Royal Flush were about to finish the job and finish off Jake De Leon, the Apocalypse suddenly entered the ring and proceeded to take out the Royal Flush with a crowbar to John Sebastian and a Death Bell to Bryan Leo. Just as the crowd thought the Apocalypse had saved De Leon, he picked up the Senyorito and dropped him just as easily with a Death Bell. After seeing the devastation he caused, the Apocalypse picked up the PWR Championship and held it above his head to express his desire to lay claim over PWR’s top prize.

At PWR Renaissance, will we see “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon rise above to finally reclaim the PWR championship he held for a few fleeting moments? Will we see “Classical” Bryan Leo survive the odds to retain the PWR Championship and continue his first world reign? Or will we see the Apocalypse bring down the same scene of devastation and destruction he brought at PWR Live and usher in the Age of The Apocalypse?


PWR Renaissance is happening on September 26, 2015 at Makati Cinema Square. Tickets at the event are for 300 pesos only, but, until September 25, Pre-sale tickets for PWR Renaissance will be available for ONLY 250 pesos at Rumpus Room and The Appraisery both located at Cubao Expo, Quezon City. Get your tickets now and we’ll see you at PWR Renaissance, Revo-nation!

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