Proppy PH: Each of These Socks Tells An Inspiring Story!

Every picture tells a story, or so the saying goes, and what better way is there for a sock brand to inspire others than by telling a story through art—art on a sock, that is.

In celebration of their anniversary, Proppy PH collaborated with five driven, inspiring, and hard-working Filipino men in a project called “Sock Stories”, which was named so because each sock design tells the story of what inspired each Proppy Man in his chosen creed.

Their hope is that each story will inspire others in their relentless pursuit of excellence as a Filipino. Take a look at the collaboration below!


PAT DY (Wedding and Fashion Photographer)

PAT DY is one of the most sought-after photographers for weddings and fashion portraits. The design for his socks features retro cameras and video recorders, an ode to his belief that every artist should go back and study the roots of their profession— because it’s not the equipment that makes excellent photographers, but openness, perseverance and continuous evolution.

A portion of the proceeds of this sock design will be donated to his chosen beneficiary, the KYTHE Foundation.

proppy-feature-6 proppy-feature-3

JEFFREY “THE JET” CARIASO (Basketball Coach)

Jeffrey “The Jet” Cariaso started his career as a decorated basketball player for 15 years, and his love for basketball has expanded ever since. Outside the court, he actively contributes to SLAM basketball magazine and his retail brand is a haven for every basketball aficionado.

An ode to his glorious past, his fighter jet designed socks represent his drive to continue moving forward and building different skill sets.

A portion of the proceeds of this sock design will be donated to the Cribs Foundation.


CHEF GINO GONZALES (Culinary Arts Director)

Chef Gino Gonzales is the Culinary Arts Director for the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. He is passionate about getting Filipino dishes on the global grid. It is not surprising that Chef Gino’s passion for cooking has translated to an intriguing adobo recipe sock, which he hopes Filipinos will wear with pride as they work towards their dreams in the Philippines or overseas. Adobo, a native Filipino dish, also happens to be his daughter Lucia’s favorite meal.

A portion of the proceeds of this sock design will be donated to his chosen charity, the Chosen Children Village Foundation Inc.


MICO HALILI (Sports Journalist)

On weekdays, Mico Halili anchors the Sports Desk on CNN Philippines; on weekends, he works with the UAAP broadcast team on ABS-CBN Sports+Action. Throughout his career, Mico aims to elevate his craft by looking for the most compelling stories, finding the most eloquent way to connect with viewers, and always appearing proper and preppy in front of the TV camera.

Mico’s glasses socks are inspired by his signature eye glasses -a reflection of his unshakable desire to remain true to his identity and the high standards he sets for himself no matter who his audience is.

A portion of the proceeds of this sock design will be donated to BLUE 8791 Inc.

proppy-feature-4 proppy-feature-5

CHARLES TIU (Basketball Coach)

Charles Tiu currently juggles the responsibilities of being a coach, a commentator for the PBA, an analyst for CNN Philippine’s Sports Desk, and a businessman. It is through sheer perseverance that Charles is able to excel in his multiple responsibilities, and it is his timeless style that allows him to transition easily into different roles each day.

The classic plaid socks are made to match Charles’ dapper style, and is inspired by his Alma Mater and his love for basketball. It is versatile, elegant, and timeless just like the man himself.

A portion of the proceeds of this sock design will be donated to the Charis Foundation.


All six of these Proppy Men have inspiring stories to tell, and because they persevered and were determined to strive for excellence every day, they’ve finally reaped what they’ve sowed. Today, they are some of the most successful men in their chosen careers.

Anyway, my personal favorite among the six designs were the adobo printed ones, because D U H! (And hey, if Proppy comes up with a sinigang-designed pair of socks, I’ll totally get my hands on that one, too).

Which is your favorite design? Share your thoughts with us! 


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