10 Products That Will Keep You Warm in The Colder Days Ahead

The Ber months had us welcoming the cold breeze with open arms especially after feeling the heat of the summer. You may have also noticed the temperature has dropped a few degrees at the start of the year. That’s because it’s bound to get colder in the coming months.

If you love the cold, then great! You’ll definitely enjoy the weather. But if you get cold easily, then here are a few products from Shopee that can help keep you warm for the next few weeks:

10. Sleeved Blankets


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It’s difficult to stay warm under the covers when you also have to be working in front of your computer. This blanket with sleeves (better known as “Bleeves”) is the answer to that problem.

You can easily move around with a blanket keeping you warm wherever you might be in the house. It’s also definitely cozier than a jacket. Buy your Bleeves here!

9. Water Heater for Showers

shower heater

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It’s also become such a chore to just take a shower when it’s this cold. If you haven’t gotten a water heater for your shower, take this as a sign to get one now. This water heater will have you

Not only will you finally be able to take showers without trembling, but it’s also extra relaxing to have hot showers after a long day. Buy this shower water heater here!

8. Multi-purpose Water Heater

water heater

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Just because you don’t have a shower, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to endure icy cold showers every day. This classic water heater works just as well for pails and water drums. It’s been a household staple for many families for decades, and if you still don’t have this, you’re seriously missing out. Buy this classic water heater here!

7. Warm Socks

warm socks

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Sometimes, it’s all about keeping specific body parts as warm as possible. If you’re someone who gets literal cold feet a lot, get these cute warm socks. It has quite a simplistic and straightforward design but I’m sure your feet will thank you for the thick material it’s made out of.

You’ll get warm and toasty feet for the rest of the year. Buy these warm fuzzy socks here!

6. Heating Blanket

heating blanket

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Normal blankets just aren’t working anymore? Try this electric heating blanket; it will definitely keep your whole body cozy and toasty even during the coldest nights. Plus, it feels like a (literal) warm hug while you sleep! Buy this heating blanket here!

5. Red Scarf

red scarf

Photo from Shopee

Want to look fashionable while feeling like the main character? Get this red scarf that’s actually inspired by Taylor Swift’s All Too Well. Yes, you can get your very own Red Scarf™ while staying warm, too.

Wear this while listening to All Too Well to complete the feels. Buy this red scarf here!

4. Cute Hoodie

cute hoodie

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Since you’re going to get bundled up for warmth, might as well be cute, right? This plush hoodie is extra fluffy and cozy, plus it’s got cute bunny ears on the hood. Warm and adorable all in one outfit. Buy this fluffy hoodie here!

3. Heating Coaster

heating coaster 1

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It helps a whole lot to have a warm drink ready at all times. Of course, it doesn’t help that the weather instantly cools down your coffee or hot chocolate. This trending heating coaster is the answer! Keep your drinks warm all throughout the day with ease. Buy this self-heating coaster here!

2. 2-in1 Scarf Hat

scarf hat

Photo from Shopee

Want extra warmth but don’t want to bring so many bulky items around? This cute 2-in-1 hat and scarf is for you. It will keep your upper extremities warm and toasty, and make you look cute, too. Even BLACKPINK’s Lisa was seen wearing this. Buy this scarf hat here!

1. Long-Sleeved Blouse

long sleeved

Photo from Shopee

Need something you can wear to Zoom meetings and actual in-person meetings? This cute Korean-style blouse is a great option. It offers the minimalistic elegance you need plus long sleeves that will keep you warm all day. Buy this Korean-style long-sleeved blouse here!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones shown in the pictures.

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