Privato Hotel: The perfect chill staycation in the heart of Pasig

Photos by Vivien del Valle

Need an escape but don’t want to venture too far out? A staycation is always a good idea–especially when you’re itching to get away. Luckily we found the perfect one, tucked right into Shaw Boulevard–Privato Hotel.

Artfully decorated and thoughtfully laid-out, Privato was an answer to my staycation prayers. Not only was it accessible, it was beautiful and comfortable, too. With its marble flooring, cool atmosphere, and relaxed aura, there was no other place that could’ve calmed me from any kind of stress (even the love life kind).

Upon checking in, we were greeted by modern slate gray tones and design with lattice-work and inspiring details. It was enough to get us excited for what was in store. The staff was warm and receptive to all of our needs, even helping out with our bags as we entered the room. It felt genuine and heartfelt, and made us feel all the more at home. Kudos to the staff for being like our personal ates and kuyas whenever we felt lost!

If we could encapsulate our stay in one word it would be: cozy. The room was the perfect size for two, with an office desk and another table for eating. It was exceptionally clean and we felt immediately welcomed to just melt into the bed and soak into the staycation. Truly, there was nothing more tempting. But what piqued our curiosity more was what else the hotel had to offer–so we went on an adventure and took a look around.

We were glad that we did because we were greeted with one of the best views we’d seen in a while. Going up to the roofdeck where the pool and bar was, we were greeted with a beautiful Metro skyline, made all the better in the majestic orange sunset. Anyone going swimming would be treated to one of the best views in Manila.

The water was cool and refreshing, the perfect reminder of the ocean but in the heart of the city. Being able to swim and take in the view at the same time made us almost feel spoiled, like the hotel was really doing everything in its power to make us comfortable. With lawn chairs nearby for our things, we had the time of our life floating about. Taking a dip was peak staycation mode–until we hit the spa.

The massages we received were so relaxing, I felt my bones melt under my masseuse’s hands. No worries, no stress, no holding on to my phone in case something for work needed to be attended to. For an hour I felt like I was being molded and relaxed into someone completely new. Privato truly is the place to be to feel your worries melt away. I felt the oils just take all my concerns with them.

It was also such a beautiful place to be. Minimalist but with just the right touches made us feel calm and like our stress was moving away from our bodies as we stepped in. The entire atmosphere transformed just when we walked in. It was magical. It was like stepping into a new world where worries didn’t exist (work, love life, or otherwise! 😉 haha!).

Our stay was punctuated with a warmth that we felt all throughout. From check-in to the delicious complimentary breakfast (pro-tip: stock up on the French toast! You’ll thank me later), we felt like we were being received like family. If you want a great stay that’ll no doubt put a smile on your face, Privato is the place to be. There’s no denying that we’ll be back someday soon–maybe we’ll see you there!

Not in the Pasig area? Worry not! Quezon City and Makati has their own iterations–and we’ve only heard great things about the Italian-inspired hotels. We’re sure you’re to have a wonderful, comfy, warm stay. Italians are very family-oriented, just like us Filipinos, and because this hotel is inspired by Italy, we definitely felt that homey, family vibe. Here, you’re like familia!

Privato Hotel

(02) 318 5888

706 Shaw Blvd, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila


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