Private Vice…REVEALED at Metro Comedy Bar, West Avenue Quezon City

When in Manila, how would you like to spend your Friday nights? Here in Metro Manila, a popular option would be going to comedy bars. Nothing beats having a good laugh with your friends/colleagues along with a few bottles of beer or whatnot somehow releases all the stress and fatigue that has built up over the week. It also puts a good end to the work week and preps us for another hectic week ahead.






And of course, comedy bars would mean nothing without the main stars, our stand-up comedians. They really have a way of entertaining the crowd with their witty one-liners and belly-aching punchlines. Speaking of which, there is one comedian who really stands out from all the rest and that is Vice Ganda! I’m sure many of you are big fans of his un-kabogable greatness too! Now if you only catch his funny antics on TV, wait till you see him perform live! And here’s your chance to do so!



METRO COMEDY BAR presents Private Vice…REVEALED, happening on November 18, 2011, Friday 8:30 PM at Metro Bar, 47 West Avenue, Quezon City. Proceeds will go to the benefit of CHILD HAUS Foundation
Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. Not only will you be able to watch a very entertaining show, you also get to help others in return. Isn’t that awesome?



Ticket price is Php 700 for PATRON (Free Seating). For inquiries and ticket reservation, visit or call SM Tickets at 470-2222.