Prime Elite Fitness Club: Be in the Prime of Your Life!

As a fitness enthusiast, I always make it a point that I keep my body healthy inside and out by going to the gym, running, and sticking to a “diet” (LOL, not really). Attaining your dream bod is an easy goal; maintaining it, however, is where the challenge is really at.

In all my years of lifting weights, I’ve always worked out in “bakal gyms”. I’ve tried cross fit and kettlebells for one session, but honestly speaking, I couldn’t afford to go to high-end gyms and a gym that specializes on certain workouts—their membership prices are a bit too much to fit my lifestyle.

About a month ago, I discovered this gym along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Parañaque. I decided to check it out and have a look. Gelo, their receptionist, gave me a tour to check the environment and all the nice things I’ve been hearing about it since I have friends who are members of Prime, too.

Prime Elite Fitness Club (which will be referred to as Prime) changed my view on the term high-end fitness clubs! Prime has all the qualities I look for in a fitness centre, which are equipment, location, and price, of course! Prime is a fitness club that has a showcase of impressive equipment and machines, and fitness classes you can attend for free once a member.

Technogym fitness equipment everywhere!

Prime Elite Fitness Club has a wide array of equipment by TechnoGym. TechnoGym is a company that provides state-of-the-art equipment and machines used for workouts and cardio exercises. World-class quality for a world-class fitness club. Fun fact: Technogym is the official fitness equipment partner of top Premier League team Chelsea FC!

I grew up in the South. As much as I want to go for the fitness gyms around Makati or Alabang, their locations aren’t convenient for me. BF Homes, Parañaque, on the other hand, is a place where I am usually at, is accessible, and is easy to go to! Working out at a location easy to drive to or commute to is definitely a plus!

Another perk I personally enjoy in Prime are their sauna and hot and cold shower! Not many gyms have their own sauna, and some require extra payment. But Prime lets you use their sauna room anytime you please as long as you are a member.

Fitness classes

From Zumba, Circuit Training, Flow Yoga, and Cardio box, Prime hosts different fitness classes that could definitely burn all those unwanted calories. You get to have fun, socialize, and shed inches off your belly! It’s a win-win-win situation, yes? They have their schedule posted at their reception area; make sure to check those out when you visit them.

Prime Elite Fitness Club posts their classes at the reception and at their Facebook page to keep you updated on the classes available!

For cycling classes

Kettle bells, punching bags, medicine balls for circuit training!

Prime Elite Fitness Club is now my new fitness home! This is where I want to rebuild my body and reach the prime of my life. With all their fancy hot and cold showers, sauna, high-end gym equipment, and friendly staff, it’s easy to feel at home at Prime.

Prime Elite Fitness Club

Mon-Sun 5am-12am


Php 2,800/month for 3 months
Php 2,500/month for 6 months
Php 2,200/month for 12 months
Php 1,500 membership fee
Php 8,400 for 12 sessions with a personal trainer


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