Powerhouse 2018 with Ramon Bautista


The Rhetoricians is a duly-recognized academic organization in UPLB, and one of the organization’s major activities is Powerhouse, an annual public forum where they invite eminent individuals to talk about their passion and share their expertise in their own fields. This year, they will feature Mr. Ramon Bautista. a renowned film producer, TV host, radio DJ, actor, and professor.

In partnership with WhenInManila.com, POWERHOUSE 2018 will be held on September 18, 2018  from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. at CAS Auditorium, UPLB.

The event specifically aims to promote the arts in modern Filipino society, emphasize the students’ skills and knowledge in the Arts to serve, inform, and empower the people, and advance awareness that nurturing one’s craft can contribute to nation-building.

The ticket booth for the said event can be located at the back of the Old Humanities Building in UPLB. You could also avail tickets by contacting Nikki Camarce via Facebook/mobile number at 0917-874-8609 or you could approach any member of The Rhetoricians. For more information with regards to the event, please visit The Rhetoricians’ Facebook Page: @TheRhetoricians.

As an academic organization, The Rhetoricians: The UPLB Speech Communication Organization is devoted to training their members to become effective and ethical speakers and leaders who will take part in realizing change and improvement in the university and beyond. Aside from placing grave importance on effective communication and public speaking, the organization also recognizes their potential in informing, inspiring, and moving people—especially students.