Poly Shoes: One Pair of Shoes, Tons of Possibilities

When the sun takes a backseat to allow the clouds to pour light drizzles and blow gusts of chill into our homes, it becomes a challenge to mix and match outfits to protect ourselves from the rain.

To stay completely on the safe side, we choose footwear that encloses our entire feet to assured they don’t get splashed by rain. When we’re feeling a bit daring, though, we choose open-toed shoes made of sturdy non-slip materials to avoid any accidents while walking on slippery roads.

These types of shoes are very hard to come by, though. Fortunately, we’ve discovered Poly Shoes to ease our worries.

Poly Shoes

I can’t quite remember if I described them correctly in my video below, but they’re made of genuine leather, which makes them more durable in withstanding all kinds of outdoor conditions. Its straps are made of velcro and are created in separated pieces and lengths to allow you to explore more of your creativity when putting the sandals together

Poly Shoes

To show you an example, I played around with the sandals and created two designs, one of which you can see in this photo. Using all of the straps provided, sandals made to secure my feet were born – and I’m loving them so far!

Poly Shoes

There is a little downside to them, though. Since their straps are of velcro material, it’s evident that they’ll lose their grip one day, depending on how frequently you interchange the straps. Despite that, though, they won’t be considered used to their full potential if you only choose to make one design, right?

Poly Shoes

The best part? They offer a variety of styles for you to choose from. You can even mix and match to fit your personal style. All in all, Poly Shoes is a great fashion investment because it allows you to explore your creativity while getting results that you will not regret!

If you want to see how I created the other design for my pair, watch my video below:

You can know more about Poly Shoes by checking out their social media accounts:

Poly Shoes

Website: polyshoesph.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polyshoesph

Instagram: @polyshoesph

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