Police Safety Tips about Car Jacking Prevention in Manila Philippines

When In Manila, be sure to always keep yourself safe. It’s a dangerous place out there and the best way to protect yourself from crime is to prevent the crime even before it happens by being a street smart citizen!

Police Safety Tips about Car Jacking Prevention in Manila Philippines

If you haven’t heard the crazy news, some local actress was car jacked and even stabbed seven times! Fortunately she survived this ordeal and my well wishes definitely go out to Pilar Pilapil and her family as she recuperates in the hospital.


Unfortunately, her companion in the car was taken by the attackers and as of this post, is still missing.


With that, I came across an article that my friend Wenchie shared about protecting yourself from car jackings. She found this article on the San Diego police website.


So here’s some very useful and smart tips to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from car jackings. Please forward this to people you care about.

Police Safety Tips about Car Jacking Prevention in Manila Philippines pilar pilapil

Police Safety Tips about Car Jacking

Follow these tips to help reduce your chances of being car jacked.


Walk with purpose, and stay alert.


Approach your car with the key in hand. Look around and inside the car before getting in.


Park in well-lighted areas, near sidewalks or walkways. Avoid parking near dumpsters, woods, large vans or trucks, or anything else that limits your visibility.


Never leave valuables in plain view, even when the car is locked. Put them out of sight in the trunk.


Keep doors locked and windows rolled up, no matter how short the distance or how safe the area.


Look around, especially at places where you slow down or stop, such as garages and parking lots, intersections, self-service gas stations, and car washes, highway entry and exit ramps, and ATMs.


When coming to a stop, leave enough room to maneuver around other cars, especially if you sense trouble and need to get away.


Avoid driving alone, if possible. Travel with someone, especially at night.


Don’t stop to assist a stranger whose car has broken down. Help instead by driving to the nearest phone and calling police for help.


Always keep your car well maintained, and make sure you have plenty of gas.



If It Happens To You

If a car jacker threatens you with a gun or other weapon, give up your car.


Don’t argue. Your life is worth more than a car.


Get away as quickly as possible.


Contact the police immediately.


    When In Manila, please stay safe out there. The best way to stop crime is to prevent it before it happens.


    *******Please send this to people you care about.


    *******Please send this to people you care about.

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