10 Pokemon Gifts: Ideas for the Kids (and the Kids at Heart)

Know anyone who loves Pokemon? Whether you want to surprise a Pokemon-loving kid or a kid at heart, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas they will go crazy about! As they say: gotta catch ’em all!

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3D Pokeball Powerbank

Charge your gadgets in the coolest way possible: with a 3D Pokeball powerbank! The minute you whip this out, people are sure to ask questions right away. Plus, it’ll make you feel like a true blue bonafide Pokemon trainer. Buy it here!

Razer Pikachu Mouse and Mouse Pad

Gamers who love Pokemon will surely appreciate this Razer Pikachu mouse and mouse pad. The bright colors and ultra cuteness will be enough to gear them up for a more fun experience while working or gaming. Buy the set here!

Snorlax Bed

Even if Snorlax isn’t their favorite Pokemon, any Pokemon lover will squeal when they get this cute bed for Christmas! It’s the perfect Pokemon-themed lounge area for watching TV, reading a book, or even taking a nap. Buy this adorable bed now!

Pikachu 3D Acrylic Lamp

If you’re gonna get a night light, might as well get a cute one! Kids and kids a heart will love falling asleep with Pikachu lighting up their rooms. Choose from two adorable Pikachu versions here!

Pokemon Hoodies

These colorful and comfy hoodies are far too cute! They come in various Pokemon variants, like Pikachu, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Psyduck. Choose from a wide variety of Pokemon here!

Detective Pikachu Stuffed Toy

Whether they’ve watched ‘Detective Pikachu’ or not or whether they liked the movie or not, Pikachu lovers won’t be able to resist going “awwwww” when they get this plushie as a gift. It’s just too cute! Buy this ultra adorable companion now!

Pokemon Onesies

Lounge around at home in a comfy onesie of your favorite Pokemon. Eat in it. Binge-watch Netflix in it. Sleep in it. They’re awesome! Choose from a variety of Pokemon onesies here!

Pikachu Bag

Carry around your favorite Pokemon in the form of a bag! This cool Pikachu bag is sure to be the talk of the town whenever you carry it around with you. Buy an adorable Pikachu bag here!

Bulbasaur Planter Pot

Know any plantitas or plantitos? Are you one yourself? Know any kids who might have a green thumb? This Bulbasaur planter pot is just too cute. It’ll look even better if you get several of them and set them up next to each other! Stock up on Bulbasaur planter pots now!

Pokemon 3-Ply Facemasks

Everyone is required to wear face masks nowadays. Although kids technically aren’t allowed to go out during the pandemic, it wouldn’t hurt to teach them the importance of face masks and let them wear these cute Pokemon face masks at home for practice and education. Stock up on Pokemon face masks now!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones showed in the pictures. 

Have you spotted any other cool Pokemon items on Shopee lately?

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