Please Help Find 4-Month Old Baby Taylor, Who Was Taken in Taguig


CCTV footage has recently been released of a 4-month-old baby being taken by her relatively new babysitter in Taguig City last Wednesday. According to Taylor’s parents, they were asleep when the baby was taken. They had initially wanted to sleep with baby Taylor with them, but the babysitter insisted that she would take care of her while the parents rested.

In the CCTV footage, you can see the babysitter Kristine Joy Salik, 24, walking with baby Taylor. It doesn’t look like Kristine brought anything else with her but the baby. It also seems like Kristine tries to hide baby Taylor when someone walks by them on the street. Watch the footage here:


The parents had met Kristine Salik in a Facebook group referring caregivers. Police say there is a huge possibility that the caregiver used a fake name and fake documents.

Princess Jean Perrin has been posting updates as they come on her personal Facebook account and her latest update states that netizens had seen Kristine and baby Taylor in Montalban. They are currently on the way to report Kristine to Tulfo.

Princess is asking netizens to keep sharing this story in case people spot her baby Taylor anywhere.

If you have any leads whatsoever, please message Princess Jean Perrin ASAP on Facebook here.

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