Please Build These Children a Bridge to School

School has already started for most. If you think you are having a tough time getting to school because you are stuck in the Metro Manila traffic, how about these children who ride a makeshift raft so just they can go to school?

Featured on Reuters as one of their Editor’s Choice photos is a picture that shows children riding a makeshift raft to go to Casili Elementary School in Rizal.

The photo was taken by Erik de Castro.

Children ride raft to school

The caption reads as:

Schoolchildren ride on a makeshift raft to attend the opening of classes at a remote Casili Elementary School in Montalban, Rizal northeast of Manila, Philippines. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

From a farther angle:

Children ride raft to school (1)

From another angle:

Children ride raft to school (2)

More photos can be found at AVAX News.

We are not sure how deep the water they are crossing is, but please build these children a bridge on their way to school.

***Photo credit to REUTERS/Erik De Castro. Our only goal is to help reach proper authorities so that attention and help can be given, and the children can go to school in a safer way.

Would anyone know how we can reach out to help these children?